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I finished the sopranos. Last couple seasons of this HBO drama were so bad it reminded me of how GOT ended.
There was this crappy 30" SD TV and one of the characters was talking about how he paid 2k for it bc its a flatscreen lol.

I watched sopranos on a 86" HD television.... I laughed in pity at the dudes tiny SD tv being state of the art.
When you think about how tiny TVs used be and how low resolution they were it's no wonder movie theaters were popular and now they are declining. Who would want to watch a huge blockbuster film on a tiny 30" SD television lol.

The other thing that struck me about the sopranos was they would always make a big deal about covering the medical costs.
Throw someone out a 2nd story window and crack 6 of their vertebrae? rest easy friend all your medical bills will be taken care of. lol.

Really sad state of affairs for our healthcare system. I can imagine people from countries with socialized medicine watching this show completely baffled.
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To be honest, I'm never watching anything but I'm watching everything at the same time... 🤣

If I have to pick a personal favorite it would definitelly be "Love, Death + Robots", is just a great show!!

Each episode is completely different from each other, kinda like "Black Mirror", but the cool thing is that each episodes is artistically and visually huuuugely different. And I love it.

Here's the trailer - Disclaimer alert!

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