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  • Maybe I'll do a weird Al thing.. show up to karaoke night and write parody lyrics instead of singing the real song.
    Talking to my preteen niece about how tall she will end up. I say that if you're a woman being 5' tall is an advantage in hollywood - some short male costars will refuse a leading lady that is taller than them and at only 5' like ariana grande you can work with anybody.
    Or dudes wear heels, which you know a little about :P
    Hello sfoster!
    I finally finished my 8 minute Horror / Thriller short film THE BOX. It really means a lot to me. and since you've reviewed my first short films some years ago, i am really interested to know your opinion about this one, i would really appreciate it if you watch it and tell me what you think! thank you for your time and everything else!
    Here is the thread where i posted the video
    Thanks man. I've been all over a bunch of different forums and news threads and people really are A-holes to each other. I thought this would be different here... silly me :) Thanks for the encouragement.
    It will be greatly improved with some ADR.. should be happening soon hopefully, since one of my actors now moved close by.
    Almost everything that I have written is currently in negotiations and can't be released. One of my series has been tied up for just over a year now. Thinking over what I have written, the only thing I have that isn't stuck in preproduction pergatory is the first screenplay I ever wrote. It is a short based on a song by M.C. Chris. It sucks balls. I haven't shot anything for myself yet. The vast majority of my filmmaking experience is on the sets of studio films. I am beginning production of a webseries that I hope to begin uploading by the end of November.
    That's very nice of you to say, thanks! It's a comedy so one way or another it will be good for laugh haha
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