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  • No rush, Nate. DOWN is as an attachment in PDF under my last forum thread at Screenwriting. Feel free to download and read when you have the time. I'll be putting DOWN at Screamfest's 2011 competiition later this week or next... have a great week.
    Was going to upload DOWN on IndieTalk this morning. Not sure how to do PDF file. Watch IN A VACANT BUILDING or THE HAUNTED MOVIE? Now you know why I concentrate just on writing. Let me know what you thought? And to think I almost uploaded DOWN and THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES (SOUND's SEQUEL) onto Amazon Studios...
    Hey Nate,
    I'd absolutely LOVE to use the idea you presented in the thread, about Indiana Phones, and I've LOVE to use that hilarious little dialogue you wrote out. Can I credit you for writing?
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