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  • Hi, I made a rookie mistake in my latest posting and would like to remove the thread/post. I cannot see how to do this, as I have pressed the EDIT button but I cannot see an option to delete the thread, only to remove the content. Many thanks for your help in advance. Justine using login.
    Hi I'm trying to add in my signature but I can't seem to find the option in the CP menu. Can you let me know where I can add a signature for all my posts? Thanks.
    Hey, I haven't personally met you but I love your site!
    What films have you made yourself?
    Wow, my first post in your forum has gotten over 1,000 views already and it's been less than a month. That's pretty good. (member of the month, hint hint)
    Dang! Your custom colours here are just like MySpace! :seeya:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    So then I take it that filming for a straight-to-video project allows for a much, much lower priced camera... What is the best camera for a straight-to-video project? Again, most of the filming is indoors with low light. I'm not a filmmaker by trade or hobby, but I want to own my own equipment for this project. For straight-to-video type work (which is what it seems I should call it) what would be a good camera for the best picture quality? Thanks in advance for your time... Christian
    Hi everyone,

    I just joined. I create feature films. They are usually comedy romance drama. I'm trying to switch gears and I might work with someone elses script.

    I use a cannon gl 2. and the sound is okay. Does anyone have any tips on good camcorders you use?

    Cannon g l 2 always has problems.

    Jane D.
    and green (when I post). Yeah, normally I check this site out when at work, I just actually had to do some work first before I Customized this. Can you believe the nerve of them? They actually expect me to do something for my paycheck! How am I supposed to be a great film maker when my day job cuts into my business? Sheesh! - retirement is just around the corner, then I can sit and play behind a camera all day long and still get a monthly paycheck :)
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