movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

I love Kristen Stewart. Couldn't hate on her at all ;)

I saw Biutiful today. Difficult film to give a numerical rating to but I'd pluck for 6 or 7. Javier Bardem's a great actor and Innaritu's a great filmmaker, but somewhere along the line someone needs to work harder on the storytelling.
The Video Dead, I have not seen that in years , I'm going to go look it up on netflix,

I just watched "The Dead Hate The Living" another great film i give both of them an A+
My two cents. I prefer movies to television series (with few exceptions, like Sons of Anarchy & 24). And. The forum is what was the last MOVIE you watched and RATE it. Hope no one minds me changing the flow a bit. All the below were watched on a 65", almost all in BluRay with surround sound (I avoid theaters unless it is a special movie occurrence).

Well... what we have watched the past two weeks...

First a backstory: I stumbled upon HBO's True Blood from our local library (season 1). Started watching the first DVD, then stopped, because I knew my wife would love the series and we could watch together. We did. She became addicted. Bought season two on BluRay (discounted -- Xmas price as a present) and had a friend record season 3 on HD during marathon last month. 36 hours of story later -- would make a long movie; with several interruptions lasting night time(s), NFL & OSU games and working days.

Gave the series 10 out of 10. Acting, story, production values, casting, special FX -- hey I learned a lot on the proper way to do night shots from watching THIS series (indoor sets and big bank roll). Excuse for me including a series & going off topic with True Blood.

MOVIES in the past two weeks?

We also watched Get Me To The Greek in BluRay -- I found it a weak comedy 2/10
Re-watched The Tomb (on instant Queue -- NetFlix) was better the first time viewed in 1983 (new technology in FX has spoiled me) & the book by F Paul Wilson (Repairman Jack) is better. 3/10
Toy Story 3 9/10
How To Train Your Dragon 7/10
The Expendables 5/10
Knight and Day 4/10

I watch a lot of movies every week -- read a lot of books and write/rewrite daily. It is what I do when there is snow on the ground and we get those Netflix BluRays pretty quick (always something to see).
"A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop" 8/10 - Chinese remake of the Coen brothers' 1985 film Blood Simple. Cool perspective on the original story. Major components aren't different, but the director ___ made a few tweaks to fulfill his vision of the story. Definitely recommend giving it a watch, esp if you're a Coen Bros fan.


I love Zhang Yimou and had the honor of meeting him once at Sundance when they screened Not One Less there.

I did not catch this because it lasted about a week in ATL and I had read some scathing reviews that gave me a little pause.

I'll definitely check for it.


Step Off available on DVD everywhere March 15th

Immigration Tango in theaters Feb. 18th! (NYC, LA, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix)
The King's Speech 8/10

Thought it was a simple yet solid movie with good performances by the leads.

Tamara Drewe. 8/10 - The film is a rather witty British comedy on love and sex. The title character Tamara Drewe is played by the very beautiful Gemma Arterton. Not many other notable appearances, but all of the characters are hilarious - especially the two teenage girls. The film is based on a comic strip/graphic novel by the same title. That comic strip was regarded as a modern reworking on Thomas Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd."

Didn't really have any expectations going into it and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.
I saw The Fighter last night. I'm gonna give it a 7 out of 10. The acting was absolutely superb, and I enjoyed it as much as I could enjoy a movie about boxing.
Doesn't really count, as it is a fav film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" even now seeing the wonderful editing of animation and live action, it doesn't look out of place a almost 2 decades later.

10/10 (like I say, fav film-biased lol)
I obviously watch a lot of films so I'm not going to list them all, but just the ones that stuck out.

The Trotsky - Excellent film. It really had me rolling. The film doesn't try to be funny but instead lets the main character's delusions carry it. I'm not the first person to say it, but it's so true: you have to play comedy straight or it's not funny (see: Will Ferrel).

It's available on Netflix watch instant so I'd go for it if you've got the time.

127 Hours - Just saw this yesterday, and Sean really had to twist my arm (no pun intended) to get me to watch it because of that infamous scene. Ok folks, the scene is not disgusting, it's not gory, and it's really short, and after spending all that time with the character, it makes perfect sense. In fact, I found myself telling James Franco to just cut it off and get out of there already several times.

The Kings Speech - One of my favorite films this year. I can't decide who I'll be rooting for for best picture (this or Social Network, which I think is most likely to win). It's just a spectacularly made film that manages to be touching and deep without getting dark, dreary or melodramatic. I like the elements of humor throughout and the way it never felt like you were laughing at Berty's expense, which would have cheapened it.

hmm, I can't remember what else I've seen recently.... so I guess that's it for now :D
Enter The Void 5/10

the cinematography was solid, the story was just a bit repetitive, the acting was just ok, some of the scenes were just lame. the idea of the film being shot like a 1st person shooter was cool, but for me there was not alot there when it came to story. Noe is for sure doing some cool stuff in this but the 2 hrs dragged and I found myself not 100% interested.
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Knife in the Water, by Roman Polanski.
It's amazing what he could squeeze out of three people on a boat for and hour and a half. Not my favorite Polanski, but a great start.
It's not the last move I saw, but it's the latest movie I've seen that I want to comment on 'cause I'm a Sci-Fi junky. 8/10


It's very cool. I missed it in theaters for family reasons, really. But I recently saw the Blu-ray. Nice! Okay, I usually despise the "don't play God" cautionary tale crapola, but despite that cliched and largely dumb genre, this movie is excellanto. Well, consider its creator. The Blu-ray includes a very nice making-of documentary...if you love Sci-Fi, look into it. As we all know, most horror flicks suffer from the "no one's that stupid-itus." This film skirts that, but safely negotiates itself (mostly) into smarter waters. I liked it mucho. It's smart, violent, sexy, and thoughtful.
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