movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

Films I've seen this week:

Blue Valentine- 9/10 (I'm pretty enamoured with this film right now)
Henry's Crime- 3/10 (I'm not at all enamoured with this film any time)
Love and Other Drugs- 4/10 (This neither)
The Green Hornet: 7/10.........hey, it was pretty good. I loved the suits of the hornet and kato [a rather strange detail to name, but hey, I loved the old school look to it.] Rogen as the hornet was.....well, I'm not familiar with the character AT ALL, so I had nothing and no one to compare him to. he was entertaining, with the film. I liked it.
So far this week: Factory Girl; The A-Team; Maid in Sweden; The Cell (re-watch). I have a really hard time rating movies - I enjoy them all for different reasons.

Alcove -- How funny you watched Zardoz! I just saw it about 2 weeks ago. Definitely a strange one...
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. 9/10

Even in my cynicism I laughed myself silly, forgotten how funny it was (I would LOVE to hear Commentary on the Gas Station demolition scene):lol:
The Rocker.
I am a sucker for Emma Stone, and when you add Rainn Wilson to the mix, you are in for something.
I catched it on TV a couple of weeks ago, but I rented it yesterday.
Fun to watch...
today I watched Time of the Wolf (8/10) by Michael Haneke (Funny Games) for the first time. I'm currently obsessed with Michael Haneke.. He is the filmmaker I've been waiting for. His films are sort of a critique on Hollywood cinema. He hates the spoon feeding method of story telling (as do I).

His films are very minimal, uses very few shots for a scene, but they're all incredibly powerful. He excludes all the little details that tie the give the story to you. This gives the viewer freedom to figure out the story for themselves, which is more engaging in my opinion.

Some people would probably be bored with the slow pace but I find it mesmerizing. He makes films the way I think they should be made. It's a backlash to the Mtv generation of media. But it's not like a regression to old filmmaking, its innovation, progression to a newer style of cinema.

All of his movies are also critiques on the way violence is portrayed in the media. For example in Funny Games, we don't see much of the violence and terror but instead are focused in on the characters reactions and leave the rest to the imagination, which really makes it more disturbing.

All of his pictures are gems, I would recommend Funny Games (there is a German version and an American version, the American version is pretty much a shot by shot recreation for an American audience with great actors like Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, and Naomi Watts.) The White Ribbon is his newest, and the Piano Teacher is highly acclaimed.
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Gonzo and Indie Budget will LOVE the best of Chicholina, an Italian porn star who later became a member of Italy's Parlement. She does some funky stuff with the doll of a baby and takes it from 3 men all at the same time.

Tarzen and The Amazons (1945) 7/10 Who in their right mind would even name their son, Boy--TARZEN!

Amazons and Gladiators (2001) 9/10 The best Amazon movie I've ever seen with solid production values and a great story. It reminds me of a lot of the old movies about the life of knights, warriors, and legends. The story traces the life of an Amazon from childhood to adulthood who left her mark on the Roman Empire. And, it is based on the real life "Warrior Queen" Zenobia who challenged the Roman Empire.
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Tudors Season 4, Disc 1

Pretty hot. Mostly sex and violence, and more sex. Oh yeah and learning about history.

I also saw Factory Girl. Was going to do a write up, but on second thought there wasn't enough there to warrant it.


And, from the library, I've got Shakespeare in Love again.


Throw in Simpsons, Flaming Moe


Missing the old magic (and that is not a homoerotic Mr. Burns reference).[/QUOTE]

And I almost forgot!

Micmacs (2009)
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Last film I watched was The Other Guys on DVD. It was pretty funny but at times it was just awkward and tasteless. It could've been a lot better. 7/10
Hmm, most recent film at the theater was Tron 2.

I give it an 11 but I'm just a sucker for escapist stuff that makes me feel 14 again, even if for less than two hours. :blush:
The last movie I watched was Parenthood. One of my all times favourites. It just always cheers me up :)

The last movie I saw at the cinemas was Burlesque, which I thoroughly enjoyed (I love me some musicals and I love me some Cher)

The Prestige
I love this movie, I think the casting's great, I'm a big fan of Nolan and Christian Bale (who is great in this) and it's so well made, the plots brilliant and all of the magic in it is just so... magical haha. It's just a brilliant movie and even though this is second time I've watched it, it doesn't feel unwatchable now I know the end.
Walkabout 7/10 - The visuals are obviously outstanding and when combined with the vague plot, you get a surreal experience.
Seriously? I'm the only person who caught that?


I guess I should answer the question.

Tangled -- B+
King's Speech -- B+
True Grit -- A
Seriously? I'm the only person who caught that?


Oooh, what was it?

I just saw Black Swan. Difficult to grade because I enjoyed it about 6 or 7 out of 10, but clearly it's not a film built for enjoyment as such... So it's hard to rank, but I'll review it later.