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  • You're writing, which is what counts! Love to read some of it if you get a chance to post.:)
    I've been great! What about you? Have you been writing? I hope you are because you're a great writer. :D
    Haha! Actually, I do have a pretty sweet idea for how to flesh-out "Lost in Time" into a feature-length film.

    My problem, right now, is not knowing which direction to go next. Sometimes I think about doing another ultra-low budget movie, sometimes I consider being patient and figuring out how to triple or quadruple the budget.

    It's good to see you back around here! You doing well these days? I like your new avatar - cute pic!
    Oh heck, I totally forgot about reviewing your screenplay! Is it still unfinished? Is there a newer version I can read?
    Thanks for asking, girl! It's kind of a re-purposing of the Myth of Demeter. My logline: In this twist of the Myth of Demeter, 8 1/2 heads tall, Lulu Deren,
    quite literally personifies the Greek ideal of perfection, but she still doesn't
    measure up in the 18 eyes of her beautiful nine-bodied Mother. Needless to say, somewhat of a parody. Hope it works. :D
    Ya, I have problems with Vimeo, too. Also, I know my compression choices are contributing to choppiness. Thanks for viewing, ICH! :)
    That is soooooo not true, girl. You're very intelligent, I love to read your comments. Come to my thread and take a look, give me your opinion and any suggestions? :D
    Excellent! I can hardly wait to read it (I hope you post?) :D

    Thanks much for your sentiments on my pup. I totally agree with you. :)
    I can understand how life gets in the way some time. :D Still working on the animation. Sadly, my 17 1/2 year old pup had to be put down. He was very sick. :( He was my best friend and is very, very missed. Apologies for the drag.

    Now, get writing, girl! I wanna see the final script. :)
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