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  • Wheat, delete something out of your PM mail here.
    I got something for you. ;)
    Hi again, Wheatgrinder.

    It's obvious by now that I didn't get a chance to post that newb sound guide. Well, I started working on it that day and I realized it's going to take a bit more time than I had thought. I really want to do it right and try to translate it strictly to layman's terms.

    I'll let you know when I have it completed.
    Hi, Wheatgrinder. I saw your questions in the Music Requirements thread about extremely low budget mixing. I was saddened by AudioExpert's rather unimpressive and somewhat condescending response to you. Yes, what he is saying is technically accurate, but not helpful or "inventive," as you rather accurately described it, in the slightest.

    I mix in a bedroom on $150 speakers. I've been told BY PROFESSIONALS that my work SOUNDS PROFESSIONAL. Now, sounding professional and actually BEING professional are completely different. What I'm saying is, I am very good at hiding it, so to speak.

    I'm in the process of cooking up a post that should be more encouraging and helpful to extremely low budget film makers, as I am one myself. I won't be able to post it soon, but by tonight's end I should have it posted somewhere here whether in the Music Requirements thread or a new thread specifically for zero budget film makers.
    Yes, PM box is full, cause I need to renew my premiere membership, and will do so.. soon.. but I dont want to delte all my mail in the meantime.. yes. count me in for whatever you need..
    Your PM inbox is full!

    Hey man, would love to have you proof our new short if you're up to it. Only 90 seconds and you gave great advice on the one clip I posted from it. You're notes on this one would rock!

    Shoot me an email or PM and I'll send you the link if you're up to it. If not, no sweat!

    thanks It was a fun character.. Iv been in that character off and on all day since.. buggin the heck out of my kids and relatives..

    The sped up effect just ads the right touch of crazy to it.. the higher pitched voice etc.. I hadn't planned it that way, but in edit I really liked it. I used After Effects time remapping... with faster bits on the ZOOM OUT and FFWD where Im trying to pull the clip out.
    Randy Quaid meets Elvis meets Alex Jones - I think that summarises your character in your Knowledge for Christmas vid. :lol:

    How did you get that jerky-ish motion? Was that just sped up a wee bit, or was something else involved? It looked really good, with that slight touch of it.
    Good luck with your project, WheatGrinder.

    Looks like you're putting in all the preparation & attention to detail that is going to pay off in the long run.
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