movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

Name the latest film you watched, or re-watched and give it a rating. A 1-10 scale seems about right. Feel free to use letter grades if you must.

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We're always wary of 1st-time posters here, but okay, I'll bite. Heck, I'll give you the last 5 I've seen.

"Faster" C
"127 Hours" B+
"Buried" B-
"I Love You, Phillip Morris" A-
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" B
Behind Convent Walls (1977), Nunsploitation at it's best! 7/10

The day I can find an actress willing to explicitly use a hand carved wooden dildo with a picture of Jesus painted on the bottom on screen I'm casting her in every film I ever make.
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Gonzo... you have a filthy do I .. I last watched School of the Holy Beast - 6 of 10 .. nothing like nekkid nuns being whipped and Lesbo Nun action .. Yumm Yumm

before that I watched And God Created Woman 8 of 10
Last night. "Netherbeast Incorporated" via streaming on Netflix. Absolutely terrible. 1/10 only because it had Judd Nelson and Dave Foley. Just awful filmmaking. Yes. I get that it was low budget, but seriously... if you're aiming for a COMEDY make me laugh. Don't spend the entire film explaining why we're supposed to be laughing. :(
The Other Guys (8/10)
Very funny, very stupid, some blatant wrongness, but a bit too mush what was expected.

Inception (9/10)
Leaving the theater, thinking on the last shot of the film, we began the whole 'what the hell did we just watch" discussion. Was the whole thing in DiCaprio's mind or what? Does Nolan hate us? Does this mean Inception 2?

Despicable Me (9/10)
What can you say, I'm a sucker for animated wackiness (was this Pixar?) The kids were so cute, and the alternative reality so much fun...

Unstoppable (4/10)
Unwatchable? No. It was watchable, only why? Why did they waste 2 hours of my life on this tacked on melodrama bullshit story? Annoying visuals to boot, and really little more than an incident. Not a fully fleshed out story.

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship (10/10)
I can't believe some people dis this trilogy.

Khadak (7/10)
Mongolian Shaman film, very experimental modern Chinese thingy. A bit slow and the ending wasn't right. Still, some absolutely stunning cinematography.
Gladiator - 6/10

Went back after five or six years expecting to be amazed and impressed all over again (not to mention wanting to gain back all the respect I lost for Ridley Scott after Robin Hood, that terrible mess), but was surprised at how drab it was, graphically speaking. Dull palette colors, cheeky zooms (a R.S. trademark, I know... but, Christ, just completely out of place), disappointing special effects and a story more closely resembling an outline than a plotline.

Inception - 8/10

Saw it in theaters while vacationing in London last year, but had far too much beer in my system to properly follow the mazelike plot that first time... however, on second (sober) viewing, it makes a great deal more sense. Sterile, cold cinematography from Nolan, with intentionally jumpy storytelling and actors that seemed to have been coaxed into delivering their lines as quickly and hyperintelligently as possible. I was only perturbed by Nolan's portrayal of Mombasa, since I live in Kenya myself and found the decision to shoot in Tangiers a weak one, although excellent set dressing made up for that moment of scoffing almost immediately. Fucking brilliant score.

The Prestige - 9/10

On a Nolan binge at the moment. Found this earlier film to be more artistic and satisfying upon multiple viewings. The skillful layering of narrative-within-narratives creates a unique viewing experience, and the decision to shoot a Victorian period piece in a predominantly handheld style struck me as brilliant and cool. Better than Inception, only because the plot relies more heavily on plot and performance than on special effects and setpiece.
Gonzo... you have a filthy do I .. I last watched School of the Holy Beast - 6 of 10 .. nothing like nekkid nuns being whipped and Lesbo Nun action .. Yumm Yumm

before that I watched And God Created Woman 8 of 10

Good one, it's been several years since I watched And God Created Woman. I need to see it again. I wonder if the current DVD release (Criterion perhaps) is the orginal cut, or the one they had to edit for US censors as most of the prints were.

I think tonight is Opening Night, I'm trying to see alll the Cassavetes films.
Last seen in theaters- Deathly Hallows Part 1 Rating 5/10. I thought it was weak and lacking, and a lot of crap could have been cut out to allow one film instead of two... look at the last Lord of the Rings.. Return of the King could easily be a two part deal but they put it into one 3 hour film and it worked out well... they didn't screw around... if you REALLY want the story you watch the extended cut.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 8.00 (I was a bit surprised at how "adult" it got)

Scarlet Street - 7.50 (I love Edward G Robinson)

Meet John Doe - 8.75 (Hey, I'm addicted to Capra corn)

Hero - 8.75 (What a gorgeous looking/sounding film)

Zardoz - 2.50 (I just didn't get it)
Animal Kingdom 10/10. This is the best Crime Drama I have seen in a while. A female character in power*(Jacki Weaver's character)*definitely offers a different dynamic from the more typical crime family. Such great character development too. Very impressed with David Michôd in his feature film debut. It would be tough for Jacki Weaver to win an Oscar for this role given her opposition, but I hope she at least gets the nomination, as she did at the Golden Globes. *

Justified 8/10, the first season. Sort of a contemporary cowboy action series.*Originally aired on FX. As far as I know, they're signed on for second season. It's Adapted from Elmore Leonard's stories Pronto, Riding the Rap, & Fire in the Hole. Timothy Olyphant is great as Raylan Givens. Gotta love the no bullshit approach to justice.

Virginity Hit 7/10. I originally found out about this movie from some posters on the subway advertising a "hotline for virgins." That makes me sound really cool. Anyways, long story short, I think this movie is hilarious. Reviews were not great, but you have to keep in mind what you're dealing with: a teenage sex comedy. It's not supposed to win Oscars, it's supposed to be stupid and hilarious - which it is. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay. Also has an AMAZING cameo by Rock N Roll GREAT and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp. I shit you not.