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  • Looks pretty good, Don. I think this is a good idea. If I could suggest a couple of things, they would be - work on a quick pace and make one DVD as opposed to three. From what I've seen of your work, I suggest that you need to move faster and not linger on a bunch of long takes. I would maybe watch one DVD of Halloween attractions, definitely not two or three. The screams and dreary music go on for a while in your promo; I would like to see excited people, laughing and clutching their hearts. Show the "fun" of it all. Good luck on this!
    Just saw it and deleted it as fast as I could.

    KS looks good but imho, I would revise the rewards. Check out Braff's latest KS project and the criticisms of his rewards. I supported his KS and I will support yours as well but ppl r demanding much more in KS rewards these days. Imho, I think the rewards need to be upgraded.
    (Feel free to delete this msg once uve read it)
    Cool. Some of the costumes were pretty neat and I really wanted to see footage of one of the events mixed in. but I'm guessing that was not in the project parameters.

    Let me know about KS, always willing to help. No trips planned for Columbus as of now. Any plans for driving down here?
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