movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

The Season of the Witch, with Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. I saw the preview January 2010 and thought 'that looks pretty cool'. Unfortunately, the movie was a disappointment. The acting was poor, the screenplay wasn't original at all, and overall, it was just a cheesy mess full of zombie monks and a group of pathetic guys taking a witch to a monestery. I couldn't even tell who the filmmakers were trying to show as the good guys. They all were rotten in my opinion. I'd give it a 3/10.
That was strange, yes, but go back a little further in the thread. Just a page or two back. Just make sure there aren't any kids around. Or, your mom. Very awkward, indeed.

You wouldn't be refering to Chicholina would you. :) Gotta love the Italians. .......................Or was it the Nunsploitation??:yes:
last films i watched:

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams - 3/10..was just pretty bad and disappointed as I thought the first one was fantastic for what it was.

Following - 8/10... Just an incredible film. Great story, great twists.
The Friends of Eddie Coyle - 8/10 - This baby is full of character actors, and the music reminds me of the score from the original Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. A really good '70's character piece.
Black Swan
One of the best films I've seen in ages. Loved the soundtrack, the direction was great, the acting was faultless and stuff like the cinematography was great and the choreography was nothing short of stellar. Plus, the way it used motifs like mirrors managed to make it genuinely creepy.
from the past few days...

The Night Gate - from what I noted, there was NO soundtrack during any scenes with dialog. Same composer who scored Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I Like Killing Flies - super thick slice-of-life (with a side homemade coleslaw) about an infamous NY eatery and the "Soup Nazi" (ok, so he's Jewish) that runs it. Bare bones, gritty lo-fi filmmaking. Worth seeing.

Black Swan - 'nuff said.
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last films seen

I recently saw Frozen (Adam Green 2010) on Netflix, fairly new.
Three friends are stranded at a ski resort and need to make life or death choices to escape. I feel like it was cheesy and conventional for a thriller. I did however get grossed out at the goriness. I give it a (4/10).

On the flip side, I also saw Greta Garbo in Flesh and the Devil (Clarence Brown 1926).
Early Bromance film where a woman seduces them and tears their friendship apart. One of my favorites silent films. (8/10)

Finally, go see Black Swan (Aronofsky 2010)
It was so psychologically thrilling! I can't get over Aronofsky's genius use of sound effects and music either (I suppose after watching it 3 times in theaters you start saying attention to little things too). (10/10)