movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!


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I watched Blood and Money last night on Hulu and thought it was quite good. It was reportedly made on a budget of just $475,000 - a number that my fellow low budget indie filmmakers can appreciate - it stars Tom Berenger, mostly alone in the north woods of Maine. It has aspects of both Wind River and Nomadland, and a pretty good ending.

I watched The Woman in the Window on Friday night on Netflix, and liked it better than I expected based on the reviews. It's also fairly low budget at about $5 million, and also leans heavily on one actor - in this case, Amy Adams. It's certainly a genre movie but does what it does quite well. Again, it kept my attention to the end.
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I saw Blood and Money. It's my kind of pacing. That Noir/Fargo pacing. So I enjoyed it. That's also one of the reasons I enjoyed a couple episodes or True Detective. But I'm not big on TV so didn't ever get into it.

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Cruella 6/10

Disney movies have enough budget to virtually insure those first 5 points as a default. Looks good, sounds good, casting good, story lacking. I felt that this is one of the crop of modern films that included more copy paste Facebook political philosophy that it did original story.
The last film I watched was "Split", yesterday with a friend.

We love watching films that we have already seen, but making comments about it. We analyze characters, decissions that they take, their intellectual possition, etc. And I gotta say, this movie is a 10/10.

First time that I saw it I would have given it 6/10, but because that was like 3 years ago, and in 3 years I've learnt A LOT about both movies and mind, and well, James McAvoy did an AMAZING job giving life to all those personalities. No make-up, no VFX, just his facial expressions and professional acting. Underrated actor.

Am I getting too excited about this movie? Sorry about it!