Feutus Lapdance
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  • Wel I was in a train wit a friend of mine, he is a comic writer. The Idea was to make some comic titles that have realy strong visual fantasy in its title. Like suicidal pyama party. This title has a story hidden in it. Things we came up with?
    Panda & perverts, Feutus Lapdance, chocolate Ninja and more of this crazy shit.
    I am also a Breakcore/jungle/hardcore/IDM DJ....So I was looking for a breakcore DJ name....And if jou know breakcore.
    Its the most retarded, ofensive, homosexuali and uncool music ever....It may never be cool, and its DJ's take pride in there retardedness. So I thook it as a DJ name.
    Feutus Lapdance is what I cal myself as a Breakcore DJ.....
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