movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

Mank. 7/10. A bit of a departure for Fincher but he can still do no wrong. Worth a watch for the precision and detail.
Also, watched Mank and I'd probably give it a similar rating. It's nowhere near Fincher’s best work, (That honor goes to Social Network and Zodiac in my opinion), but you could tell it was a very personal project for him. I'm in agreement about precision and detail being the film's strengths. Those two words describe Fincher perfectly! Great cinematography and sound design as well!
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Just watched “41” and loved it! The story and writing is amazing, and I am glad I did not read the reviews before watching. In fact, I think this movie has inspired me never to read reviews until after watching a film...or perhaps not at least until 10 minutes in lol

I can’t rate it, the story and writing is just too great to downgrade it for the other lacking elements.

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This rocked, I have no idea how anyone could rate it 7 out of 10....beyond me. World is full of jerks. What an awesome film!
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The Empty Man...... 7.5/10. Didn't know what to expect. Turned out to be a fairly slick horror, mystery. Worth a watch.

The Untamed.......7.5/10. It's interesting. I think it's similar to such Lars Von Trier films as Antichrist and Melancholia, as well Under the Skin.
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Last film I watched was Avengers Endgame. Probably my favourite of all the Marvel films. It packs in some heartfelt drama, great comedy and really good action. 8/10.
What Lies Below......7/10
It's a fair to descent sci fi, horror, twilight zoney movie.

The Dig......8/10. A well-made, worthwhile film.

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015).....6/10. A well made film. Been wanting to see it for a long while, since seeing the trailer way back then. Not knocking the filmmakers' work. Would give it a higher rating, but I have a significant beef with the story.
They should not have gotten together in the end. Bathsheba did not deserve him by then, and Gabriel deserved much better. The result is a sad, dissatisfying story. We're supposed to feel joy when she finally accepts him. But I was rooting for him to tell her 'hell no'. I wanted him to get on the boat and get on with his life free from her and free of her douche baggery.

Also, that the soldier and his true love wouldn't have met up after the botched marriage attempt and worked out what had happened seemed awfully dumb and far fetched to me.
Flashfire (original title August Fires), a Billy Zane-Louis Gossett Jr movie I worked on back in 1994 (and never got around to watching). I thought it was a turd sandwich back then, I was wrong... it's an Everest sized steaming pile of wet hippo s**t that's SO BAD (all together now, "HOW BAD IS IT?"). It's SO bad that Tommy Wiseau saw it and said "DAYUM, and I thought MY movie sucked!" Not even Crunchy Cheetos and shots of JW Double Black could make watching it tolerable. 2/10 because the 2nd AD was cute and she had freckles.
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Recently watched Incendies (2010) with my friend, we both teared up more than once during the watch.
It realy is a masterfully done film that covers really terrible and real topics realiting to war, brutality, religion and family.
I am torn between 9/10 and 8/10. I just have a strange feeling that the finale is both perfect and I really crave for more somehow, even though it is a complete story.
I would absolutely suggest it if you are in a mood for something heavy.
French Kiss. 9/10. Been ages since I saw it. A bit too over the top for my taste but still very entertaining. Two of my favorite actors (also the supporting cast). Reminiscent of a Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn rom-com. Adore this film.