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Just finished watching THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW written and directed by Jim Cummings. You may remember Jim Cummings and his THUNDER ROAD film a couple of years ago. First off? I love WEREWOLF movies so watching this was a no-brainer. An Indie and werewolf film rolled into one. I also love Robert Forster and this was his last film.

To be honest? I thought the film was okay but I didn't like it as much as I liked THUNDER ROAD. This time around? I almost felt like I was seeing the same character in THUNDER ROAD being thrown into this dark, horror, comedy. Jim Cummings' performance in WOLF was eerily similar to his performance in THUNDER ROAD and for me? That's where the movie starts to nose dive.

Had I never seen THUNDER ROAD? I probably would have just watched the movie and at the very least, not thought that that was an hour and a half I'll never get back. I thought Cummings was outstanding in TR and even more outstanding that he pulled TR off. From what I've read, WOLF's budget was 10 times more than TR which cost around $200K but that was more of a DIYer than WOLF is (I think).

Had I not seen Cummings' performance before, I wouldn't now be wondering if this is all the range he's got because in my humble opinion, he plays the character in WOLF pretty much the same way he played his character in TR... I couldn't help but wonder or worry (I want to see him succeed) if this is the only character he can play and if that's true -- which I hope is not -- I can't help but wonder how many more roles he has out there OR will he keep writing and directing movies and keep using this same character more or less.

I hope not because this character is somewhat of a goof and while he was interesting in TR? He was less interesting in WOLF simply because I had seen him before.

I thought the cinematography was really good... Had a very decent look to it and the shots of the mountains in Utah were breathtaking. They kind of had a WIND RIVER vibe to them. I also though Robert Forster was underutilized here. His part simply wasn't big enough or important enough. I think that may have been a missed opportunity.

All in all? Worth watching especially if you love Indie film and want to be an Indie filmmaker. It's nice to see that Cummings was able to parlay TR into WOLF and that? In and of itself is inspiring.

As just another werewolf movie? I'll give it a 6 out of 10.

It would be nice to see it make all it's money back and ENOUGH more to make it an actual success so Cummings can keep moving forward.

Fingers crossed.

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I really love these old Michael bay movies.
The Rock and Bad Boys 2 are great fun to watch and the cinematography and editing is very cool.

then there is all his new crap like transformers and 6 underground. I walked out of the theatre during transformers and I tried to watch 6 underground yesterday and the directing is so bad I had to turn it off. Literally unwatchable. What happened to Michael bay. Did he get into a motorcycle accident like Gary busey or something


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I watched the Netflix remake of Rebecca. It's more faithful to Daphne DuMaurier's novel in some ways than the 1940 Hitchcock version, and has a terrific cast. I enjoyed it, but like most movies, I think it could have been about 10 minutes shorter.


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Welcome to the Blumhouse's The Lie 4/10: Great acting, cinematography was good, but the plot was just ridiculous. And the ending had me wanting my 90 minutes back.
Just to show how two people look at the same thing in different ways: the ending redeemed it for me.
6/10. :)