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Big or small! On a film shoot? Writing? Whatever! If you do something for your film, even something small, every day, it WILL get made! Eventually. ;) Let this blog help you. Don't procrastinate! Even something as small as proofreading or shopping for batteries counts. So what are YOU working on today? Post below! And if the answer is nothing, think of something! Film Production: On Set of 'Pendant'" by vancouverfilmschool is licensed under CC BY 2.0
I am now in preproduction on my action movie that is shockingly reminiscent of 2004's The Punisher. Loved the editing in that movie. John travolta not so much. I am all by myself planning and executing this lol. Filming starts december 12th. Movie effects that i haven't done before: Shooting someones head off with a shotgun. Shooting a row of 10 aluminum cans with two pistols. Shooting walls full of bullet holes and debris Hand to hand fight with pencil stabbing (I hear john wick killed three guys with a pencil.. a fucking pencil!!) Shooting a car full of bullet holes and blowing the windows out Fake 3D bullet casings when the guns fire Buy better prop guns that use co2 cartridges - there aren't any with fake casing ejection i can buy are there? Get some kind of double barrel shotgun prop Build a blood cannon for shotgun blasts ------- My initial thoughts are... For bullet holes my 2 choices are either create them entirely in post and apply tracking or to create them IRL and then to cover them in post production until such time as i want them to appear for shutgun head blast maybe I have to put a blue bag over someones head and then key out their head for a headless corpse ?
Save Point is a unique project that allows independent creatives to put their skills to work on a crowd-sourced project. Save Point is the name of both the organization, and the online series it produces. It's an animated series, which allows people all over the world to collaborate, producing one flagship product with a better chance of success in the market than would be possible with many tiny projects. Here's how it works. You can learn about Save Point in one of three places. 1. The web site at 2. Here on Indietalk, where there are many posts discussing aspects of the project 3. By joining us on the Discord server, and asking us questions you can join the Discord server using this link - In this blog, we will publish regular updates that show many different aspects of the development process. Here you can look at art, videos, scripts, technology, pipelines, and other aspects of the project. You can follow along as we build it, or if you're interested in collaborating, you can join the project and take on a more active role.
Hey everyone, I'm Cam. I like making these production threads as a fun way to share what's going on in my life and where I'm going with my projects. I just recently finished a script for a short film, taking the lessons learned from my last scifi short "Infinitus". That film was a great experience, and a lot of fun to make. You can find all that pre-pro stuff on its thread here: Infinitus Pre-Production Thread I learned some great lessons with that, mainly that story and plot are king. The script for Infinitus was written around the focus of practical FX. I had an idea, but it wasn't a story. I made up a lot of plot devices as I got closer to filming.... Which in hindsight may have not been a good way to go. With this new script, I decided I wanted to focus on the plot first, and then tack on the elements of scifi after. In the end, this story focuses more on the main character, Roy, and his interaction with the plot, rather than the machines and set pieces first. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some good set pieces!!! As you will see in the BTS. .... All that out of the way.... Onto the "meat" of this thread! I made a pitch deck for this film. Thought I would try it out, and get a taste for how it works. I'll just post that here to explain the film's inner workings: Creating this pitch deck was pretty fun! I used CANVA to do it, and they recently added a really great background remover that works like a charm, so it is really easy to do something like this on there. I'd highly recommend it for how easy it is to pick proper sizes and templates for your pitch decks. (not a sponsored message... lol) I'll be posting more in the coming weeks leading up to the films release... probably some time in November. Hope you all follow along, get something out of these posts, and get those creative juices churning along with me. Until the next post. -Peace!
Hi everyone. So I'm embarking on a short film written and produced during lockdown. Its going to be 100% greenscreen and is both an exercise in VFX and a proof of concept for a larger idea. I have a couple of drafts of a script under my belt, and I have already started making the CG assets. A few ships, some are older ships I made, some things are kit bashed and some are total originals. Its a mixture of where can I save time, what will look great, and where will 'good enough' do. Welcome to the production diary of 'Sorry We Missed You'. Logline: 'A deadbeat interstellar delivery driver is returning to Earth after a long haul journey to the other side of the galaxy. A temporal event occurs that erases the Earth from history before his very eyes, yet somehow he and his sentient space ship are protected from the event's effects. Now he is the sole human left in the universe, left with the unenviable task of restoring the timeline and saving the Earth!' Its a learning project to be sure. 1: I've written the script in FadeIn which I have been really impressed with and may treat myself to. 2: I have the crapiest greenscreen set up ever. We will see how that goes. 3: Not a lot of room to work. Basically in my front room. 4: Not much time really. I intend to get this done before whatever the new normal of the world will be returns. 5: I'm doing all the VFX in Element 3D and After Effects and I'm also recording the dialogue myself. Lots to go wrong, but lets see how we go. Here's the protagonist's ship known simply as 'C'. Here's a test of inside the ship in the corridor just behind the bridge. And here is my green screen :) (Will defo give it an iron before the main shoot...) Anyway, that's where we are at for now. I'm working on a few vfx shots. Here's one of them, I'll keep you up to date as I go. If you have any questions, fire away. See you soon, Paul
Hello Indietalk fam! I'm finally working on filmmaking again after a little break to recoup passion and funds. This one is based on a poem I wrote about impulsive natures, addiction, and the struggle to silence the mind in order to avoid heartbreak and destruction. It's a heavy topic, so I thought going full on experimental would help propel the tone and imagery of the film. Got some raw footage so far, with me Acting in it as well as Directing. Jeeeez, let me tell you..... The bathtub scene was hard to do!!! SO MUCH WATER UP MY NOSE HOLES!!!!! Hated every minute, but I think that just adds to the mood of the scene. Haha. Below is a thumbnail of the upcoming teaser trailer. Next will be a "gluttony" scene in the kitchen. Should be fun! I'm just happy to finally be working on stuff again. It's ben a long time away from the camera. Feels so good to get the creative juices flowing.
Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you a drink? Coffee? Sure, I'm going to need some coffee too for this thread. It's gonna be a long one. I am posting because I wanted to bring you all along with me on my journey to making a Science Fiction film called "Infinitus". My plan is to make something with practical FX, while retaining the moody/artsy atmosphere I like so much. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres. I grew up watching the Alien films, Bladerunner, 2001, Terminator, etc. It seems like lately, SciFi might be coming back strong again. I am ready for it! Interstellar was great, The Martian too, and I'm hoping Ad-Astra can pull it off. For my film, I want to create a vibe similar to Stalker (1979) directed by Tarkovsky mixed with Sunshine (2006) by Boyle. Our plot begins deep underground in bunkers near the Earth's core. A species similar to us has invented a technology to harness the power of a dying star and use it for themselves. Called the "Infinitus" program, it was designed to go inside of a star and control the reactions at the core. Instead, it causes the star to collapse and leaves a small black hole at the center of the system. (Don't worry, I've researched the heck out of this. Contrary to popular opinion, a black hole in place of the sun wouldn't change orbits of planets). Our main character, Rachel... Goes through the film plotting to eradicate the singularity and restore the star. It sounds very high concept, I know. That plot was created after 6 revisions to the original idea, and there are still bits that I want to fine tune before filming begins in November-December. Ultimately, I just want a piece about a female character taking action, a black hole as an antagonist, and the backdrop to work in practical FX. For the set, I've locked down a warehouse and we will style it as a bunker. That won't be too hard, we are going to use scrap and cardboard/wood to build prop pieces in order to create a rusty/grungy vibe. For the ship, I will be kit-bashing plastic bits and what not in order to make a studio scale miniature. (That seems to be the biggest challenge). For the suit, we've already pretty much finished it. Rob and Ray's homemade FX talent is quickly moving along. Filming will be done over a 4 day period, mostly indoor/cockpit scenes. The outdoor shot, we have to wait for the snow to settle in and the lakes to freeze over. And for the rest, I will keep posting up here. I hope to continue sharing the progress of the film with you all. If you love scifi films, or have done some in the past, I would love to hear your stories too! Until the next post. -Cam