A bit of writing for the season.

Since today is Halloween, I'd like to share a short scene I made up a while ago. I have been writing bits and pieces, and I'm wondering if I should make short films of them, if only to see if I really want to be a filmmaker, as opposed to just an aspiring writer who talks of being an aspiring mogul.

Anyway, here's the scene.


Everyone looked at the night sky as the sergeant pointed to the invaders. And hordes of them, all wearing conical pointed black hats, were flying on brooms to the army base. Everyone ran to the armory, as the arms master handed out the rilfes.

Every witch was holding a translucent green, jelly-like ball, with little particles inside. In unison, they lobbed the bombs onto the defenders below, with each green bomb sizzling into the concrete or steel as it made contact. The soldiers began firing at the enemy, seeing many of them falling to the ground. A few of those witches survived their landing, and, after taking out their wands, engaged in close contact with their opponents, stick against bayonet.

I have no idea what comes next, or even what comes before. Perhaps I should join a writers group again, just to get the juices flowing.
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I like that this combines imagery you don't typically see together. I think it's interesting that if someone saw this as a first scene, they would immediately need to keep watching so they could figure out what was going on. I use this kind of hook myself, winged astronauts on horses, giant heads floating above cities, stuff that as soon as they see it, they are asking "what could possibly be happening here".
I added a bit more and I rewrote the first scene. Again, I have no idea what comes next or even why witches and soldiers were fighting. But I enjoyed the writing. But that's the creative process, I guess.


Everyone looked up as the sergeant pointed to the sky. Hordes of the enemy, wearing their standard conical pointed black hats and black robes, were riding on broomsticks. The soldiers ran to the armory, as the warrant officer handed out rifles.

Every witch was holding a translucent ball, filled with green brew with particles. They threw bombs onto the base, which exploded on contact, searing their way into the concrete. A few hit the men, who screamed in pain as their bodies burned.

The soldiers fired back, hitting the attackers, some of whom crashed to the ground. The witches who survived the landing engaged the soldiers in close combat, broomsticks against rifles.


The Head Witch stood alone in her castle. The Throne Room was at the top floor, which served as her command post. She was wearing a black conical hat, along with her robes, and her wand, glowing softly at the end, hung by her left side. She would be indistinguishable from the others, except, unlike the others, who had gray skin, she was green.

She looked out the window, which was square but no glass cover, letting in the cold air. The scenery beyond showed a lush green forest, stretching to the horizon, covering gently-sloping hills. A cool breeze occasionally blew in, bringing fresh air to the room.

The attack had gone well, with heavy casualties on both sides. And the military, she knew, would be preparing a counterattack.
I would like to know more about the witches. Where did they came from, why are they attacking. Are they the bad guy/girls or the good guys/girls? Are they guys and girls or just old women. Maybe the witches are technologically advanced and the brooms are antigravity fighter bikes that were misinterpreted as flying brooms 300 years ago when the witches first came to earth to scout us out for an invasion! That misinterpretation left us with the cartoon image of what we now we see on halloween. If I was looking for the story that's where I would start. BTW. Cool Scene...Good luck
@JMathews, thanks for the kind words, but I'm facing a writer's block and can't imagine anything else to write about this story. Because of my work schedule, I have time to write but not in a consistent manner - I am putting down bits and pieces of various story lines, and those bits and pieces are all over the place.

Everyone here has been encouraging, and, with your kind encouragement, I will write more, though, again, the writing will be disjointed.
@JMathews, thanks for the encouragement.

I am inspired to write the following sequence, which follows immediately.


The banshee outside shrieked its warning, as the Head Witch suddenly noticed multiple dots over the horizon. These were the gunships heading for the castle. She made a circular motion with her wand, creating a round shield, yellow in color, which should protect her from the first round of depleted uranium shells that would be coming.