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  • Saw that you were looking for a screenplay consultant.
    Phil Hwang


    Geek Mythology (Comedy) - writer/ director/ producer - completed feature - 2008 - available on Netflix.
    Going Going Gone (comedy. drama) - writer - March 2011 20K Dollar Winner of the Amazon Studios Best Script Contest
    Male Order Bride (comedy) - writer - Slamdance Feature Screenplay 2009 contest Grand Prize Winner
    Completely Totally, Utterly - writer/ director/ producer - completed feature starring Zach Ward of A Christmas Story - 2001
    Escape To The Stars - comic book series - created with James Lyle.
    Hey, Boss! - comic book parody of Bruce Springsteen
    Minnesota Murder Mystery - writer - Optioned by Craig Nicholls of Pendle View Productions and Arthur Axelman former head of the William Morris Television Division.
    A Long Hair Christmas - writer - screenplay represented by Jewerl Ross of APA
    and Silent R Management
    'sup, dude. Been reading about your quest for a spacesuit. Did you see the short film The Night of the Falling Star? The guy who made it mentioned briefly what he used for the spacesuit, but I bet he'd be a bit more detailed if you asked. At least you'd get some more ideas.

    At any rate, here's the thread for it, along with links to watch it:

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