favorite What's your favorite movie of your least favorite genre?


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Yes, that's right!

Your favorite movie of your least favorite genre!
"Twilight". My least favorite genre is Young Adult. But, as a filmmaker I've watched a number of them ("The Hunger Games", "Maze Runner", "Love, Simon", "The Book Thief") to see how the stories work and why they might appeal to YAs. While "Hunger Games" wins on spectacle, I found "Twilight" to be more charming and personal.
My least two favorite genres are Horror and Western

Probably The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly for western
I don't want to say Psycho for horror bc thats like 60 years old... I'll go with Candyman. That's a scary movie!

My least favorite genre is super hero movies (is that even considered a genre?!).
Two favorites - Black Panther and Wonder Woman.

Black Pather is probably the least superhero movie of all the superhero films.
Everytime they had a big fight they took away the super powers lol. i personally walked away feeling like I had watched a politica drama.
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Musical is also my least favorite. If THE MEANING OF LIFE only has a few musical numbers, so I'm not sure if it counts - Every Sperm is Sacred, the galaxy song, etc. If it has to be a pure musical, then maybe THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I refuse to watch LA LA LAND, CHICAGO, MULAN ROUGE, etc., so I can't tell you if they were good or not.

As a child, I would watch Disney, and other movies of that type. I would be so into the story and the fantasy, then all of a sudden they would break into a song. It was like breaking the fourth wall, because I was believing the movie up to that point. You just "stopped" a good story in its tracks! The movie became theater.

I don't know if I have a 2nd least favorite. I've really started to appreciate dramas and romances in my rape old age. I like young adult. I'm a sucker for all the TWILIGHT films. I like westerns, too. War films are fairly interesting. Thrillers, action, mystery, horror, sci-fi..... I love em all!
Least favourite genre is Romance. Favourite movie in that category... probably Titanic.... or Shrek! ;)
Well, in my rape old age LOL, for musicals that would probably have to be Paint Your Wagon. Wait, I do love Tangled, so if that's a musical then that.

For comedies, maybe Army of Darkness.
I checked Wiki for a list of genres to see what my least favorite might be.
Not counting all the sub-genres there are 8 listed genres. "Young Adult"
isn't listed but I suspect that would be my least favorite.

I guess the sub-genre of Drama, "Romance" would be my least favorite.
Not the sub-genre Romantic Comedy - which can be either my most hated
or my absolute favorite - but Romantic Drama. Looking at that list I realize
I'm really over-thinking this fun question; Casablanca is on that list.

So I got nothing. Turns out my favorite movie of my least favorite genre is
one of my all time favorite movies. And that there are dozens of movies in
that genre I love.

But it fun spending some time this morning, while waiting for my laundry,
poking around movie genres.