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  • Just an update - In order to get on a set locally I had to get into the extra database with Atlas Media as they do Dr. G: Medical Examiner for Discovery Channel locally. Apparently, they'll talk once you've been associated with the show. The motivation to contact them I owe to you.
    hey can u help me in getting through this film industry....presently i'm doing my graduation( Bachelors degree) in Animation....and i'm planning to do ( my Masters) Post graduation in film making in abroad.....can u help me out in giving suggestions....thanking you in advance...awaiting for ur reply
    hi dis is kavya from india i'm an aspiring director......i've dne a musical video album earlier and planning make a short.....but the thing is i'm not that good at script writing....i'm still a student...can u plz help me with a small and simple script that would take micro budget to finish it.
    i'll be really thankful to you if you help me hope u will.....thanking you in advance awaiting for ur reply at the earliest
    I watched the entire thing the week he posted it. Not as flat out brilliant as his Episode 1 review, but very good.
    hi there...
    sorry to just drop in like this... im new here and in this industry. i heard that you used the JVC HM700??
    i just want to ask your opinion on the camera....
    cz my team thought of buying the camera for documentaries...
    how about the settings/format??

    can you help me out a bit?? it's highly appreciated,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Directorik!
    I still want you to look at my shorts I just want to make sure ther up to par before I send anything your way
    Part 2:

    The camera budget is extremely flexible (unlimited), and I simply want the very best machine for the job. I realize since I dont have hopes of putting this on the big screen, it reduces the expense of the camera greatly, so while what I would need might not be expensive, if there's somthing much better but much more expensive, I'd still consider it. I would prefer to get a recommendation from a filmmaker rather than a sales person, especially since what I'm reading seems to lead me to believe that I wont need to spend much money at all. A recommendation from you would be priceless, almost all the filming would be of conversations (diner, car ride, and manytimes on a couch in a livingroom) and as I said this would only be for DVD or online viewing, but I do want the best possible quality picture possible for those outlets. Thanks a LOT for your time, I do appreciate it. Christian
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