movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!


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After the Sunset - it's a 2004 movie starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayak, & Woody Harrelson, 8/10.

There's nothing deep here but it's a fun, well-written, well-acted heist movie with beautiful scenery and a few references to one of my favorite Hitchcock movies, To Catch a Thief. It's streaming on TubiTV (free), and I recommend it if you like this genre.

It feels a little slower than it did when I watched as a kid and young adult but to me? It still gets it done. Eli Wallach literally STEALS every scene. Simply put, he was AMAZING. Lee Van Cleef was a great villain and Clint Eastwood really brings up the rear as far as I'm concerned. The other two actors made him look really good.

The concept and plot still works for me today... $200K in gold coins are buried in a cemetery. Tuco (Wallach) and Blondie (Eastwood) each have half the puzzle so they need to keep each other alive. Angel Eyes (Van Cleef) is after them both and he's pretty ruthless.

There's humor scattered throughout. There's pretty interesting footage created about the Civil War. What they managed to do back then with what they had was pretty incredible. I've seen a couple of documentaries and read a couple of books about the movie as well. There were a lot of problems during shooting but Leone pulled it off.

In order to get the movie to make as much money as possible when it was released? Leone used an American name as did Ennio Morrecone.

In a book I read about Eastwood, he said that he made those films with Leone because he wanted to make movies and nobody in America was hiring him and besides... He'd never been to Spain or Italy. If I remember correctly, he was paid only $15K to star.

The climax to me, is iconic. The camera work shifting to the character's faces, hands, and eyes... Long shots and closeups all edited together make for a very intense ending that is immediately backed up by Eastwood's character, getting one final comical payback for what Tuco did to him earlier.

Love the film... I give it an 8 out of 10.
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21 Bridges

Chadwick Boseman plays a cop that shoots criminals instead of arresting them. Nine shootings before the movie even starts. Somehow he is the good guy ... what a strange choice of roles for him!!

Film was alright 3/5


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I’ve tried watching Skyfall twice now but it’s just so boring and stupid. Especially the bad guys plan it’s complete nonsense. Like years of planning and Jokering and dark knighting And his plan is to run in with a pistol and shoot people? What in the fuck. I did not finish the film

Instead I watched the fanatic Directed by Fred Durst parentheses yes that Fred Durst and parentheses
Wow look at that amazing voice to text and how well I understand that I wanted parentheses. Enter enter

The fanatic is starring John Travolta and he gave a great performance that captivated me through the entire film. Unlike that piece of crap skyfall that bored me to death


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I made it 11 minutes into hustlers and I just couldn't take it anymore.
A lot of strippers are 18 years old and yet they cast someone THREE TIMES OLDER THAN THAT to be the popular stripper at the club. just wtf... WTF!!

Pierce brosnan retired from playing james bond because he was 50 and felt he was too old for the role.
but a female stripper! oh sure that's plenty realistic and young right guys ?

They should show her with grey hair dying it in the back room, getting hot flashes from menopause and taking care of her grandchildren, maybe working with her daughter at the same club. 😄 😄 😄

Oh but I'm not supposed to have a brain or think while im watching this apparently.

And to top it all off it's like the creators have not spent much time at strip clubs.
They completely failed to capture what the client/stripper relationship is like.

I used to go to those clubs a lot in my 20s... I became platonic friends with one of the girls for more than 10 years...
I dated another one, met her family and adopted my dog from her. Sometimes you see guys get star struck by the girls, its funny.

Whoever produced this movie got the wrong cast and the wrong director.
It's like if they made magic mike in 2019 with Brendan Fraser.... just mind mind boggling
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the sound mix is bad but the story is so complex it adds to the mystery.

That seemed such an odd thing to say about a $250 mil movie - but I read a few articles and was shocked to see that's a widely held opinion. It seems to be exactly the way Nolan wants it - but yeah, I want to hear the dialogue not have it drowned out by explosions.
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Giving it a 7 out of 10.

Watched it very early this morning and I gotta tell ya... I was a little tired and thought I was going to fall asleep watching it since I haven't slept for a few days now.

Didn't happen and I'm glad it didn't happen because this is an Indie film that I'm really glad to have watched. It grabbed me right from the beginning. One of the characters... Mitchell, takes his rifle out on his property and takes a shot at something... You don't know what. The next shot is him slicing a nice little steak from a hanging coyote.

Coyote meat? LOL. I know a lot about coyotes but I'd never eat one and I've eaten some very strange things throughout the years. The next shot is of Mitchell cooking the coyote steak and eating it.

That was all it took for me to sit up and watch the rest of this film. I was hooked. Your mileage may vary.

The plot is basically the story of two Texas thieves looking to score a cool $80 million. The problem? It belongs to a dead man and is hidden somewhere on his 500-acre ranch. There are twists and turns and it doesn't fail to entertain. To me? It was an inspiring film to watch because even though you could tell it was done on a low budget? It was done well. I give it a 7 only because I think it was much too slow in several places but it still reminded me of the indie films I used to watch prior to the financial meltdown.



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I finally saw "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" made for Hulu.
I was on a plane and it was one of the few movies available I hadn't seen.

A crazy original doc that turns to focusing on the film maker in a creative
way that works to a point. There is some padding about the filmmaker's
childhood that is nothing more than, well, padding. But it's a good look
into what can happen when the story you think you're telling turns into
something else.
That seemed such an odd thing to say about a $250 mil movie - but I read a few articles and was shocked to see that's a widely held opinion. It seems to be exactly the way Nolan wants it - but yeah, I want to hear the dialogue not have it drowned out by explosions.

Yes, I saw it in theaters. I do think the people behind the movie left it like but I actually don't like it really. I think the dialog recording is the worst thing about the movie. The story has so many twists that each word said is highly important but for some reason they let it blend into the background.
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The Assistant........................ 8.8/10

I really liked this movie because it shows how a work environment can be awkward and how HR is a joke. It has a very real tone. I liked the production quality. Great acting. Leave you with a cliffhanger. This movie doesn't have a very high rating and I think that might be because it is a slow paced film. I want to see more movies by this director. It reminded me of Doubt without much dialog.


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It reminded me of Doubt without much dialog.

That's a good comparison - I agree.

I liked The Assistant, but not quite as much as you - probably 7/10. There were some parts that I thought were a bit over-done, such as her refusal to engage with her male colleagues, even when invited to join them later for drinks. It might be because I worked in a male-dominated trading room for many years, but I didn't find them all that obnoxious.

I'd give Doubt 9/10

When I saw Doubt on stage before it was made into a movie, I remember hearing that the director worked with the playwright to trim it down to 90 minutes & eliminate the intermission - he was concerned that it was such a disturbing subject that no one would come back for the 2nd act.
I'm thinking of ending tings. This is the best movie I have seen this year that most people will hate. Long car sequences where the 2 personalities have conversations about movies, poetry, philosophy and a very long part of the movie where the protagonist shows his girlfriend the place he grew up in and his parents. Its not a horror....don't expect a horror. Surreal movie about loneliness and the desire to connect. 8/10
Mean Dreams .............. 7/10

This is the last movie Bill Paxton was in. The story begins as something simple but them turns into a more complex series of events. In the final shot the two main characters eat a peach. It references back to an earlier scene in the movie and could mean something more. I was surprised by the tone and cinematography style. I thought it was well produced and seemed to have a realistic feel most of the time.

American Factory ......... 9/10
Wonderful documentary on Netflix showing the changing factory environment in the USA and the how global competition can lead to a new set of problems. This documentary really let the people tell the story without a lot of on camera interviews.

Heist (2015) ................ 6.8/10
This was fun to watch. Not the most realistic movie but very much a movie you would see just for the entertainment factor. It's like if a video game was made into a movie. Speed mixed with Max Payne (the video game).
Sputnik (2020)

Russia's answer to Alien. While it definitely shares some similarites, it delivers enough of a twist on the parasite/host theme to distinguish itself. Great score, too. 7/10