movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

Beautiful Boy ....................................... 9/10

This movie is the only movie I can remember that realistically shows the damage that drug addiction can do to a family. I think it really showed how the addiction itself brings the worst out of the father and the son and the actors did great at showing those hard moments. The fact that this is based on a true story makes it even more important. Best picture nomination in my book. You have to be on drugs not to appreciate what this film is trying to communicate to audiences (dose that make sense?).

That ending bruh.
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This weekend I watched
They'll Love Me When I'm Dead (7/10) - Interesting look at an artist in decline
The Other Side of The Wind (4/10) - There's a good movie in that footage and it's probably some hybrid of this and They'll Love Me When I'm Dead.
Roma (8/10) - Just beautiful. Saw it in 70mm. Need to go watch it a few more times on Netflix to really dig into it more.


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Friends from College 3/5

the cast is the best part about the show, they're all so great.

I saw this netflix series had a second season so it must not be that bad. I watched both seasons.
I would call it ... a feel bad comedy. lol.

It's like the authors wanted it to be true to life but a show about cheating spouses, failed marriages and divorce doesn't give you the kind of glow that you'd get from a show like entourage. even bojack balances out it's darkness with the fantasy of hollywood success. but it is a funny show.


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Velvet Buzzsaw .. with jake g and director of nightcrawler.
it doesn't come close to the experience that was nightcrawler. disappointing but i had really high hopes
Pride & Prejudice (2005) .......................................... 8.8/10

So, I didn't really want to watch this film but the encouragement by certain women persuaded me. It's actually a very well made movie. The story is basic but the dialog and production is strong. I actually found it interesting and funny how back then so many seemingly simple things were stressful.
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Mary Poppins Returns - B+
The 100-Foot Journey - A-
The Princess Bride - I can't rate it, - it's just always fun to watch.
Galapagos (BBC) - A - Stunning video production.