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last film i watched

Name the latest film you watched, or re-watched and give it a rating. A 1-10 scale seems about right. Feel free to use letter grades if you must.

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last film i watched was serenity and serenity could've been more suspenseful and believable especially since anne hathaway is in it as a female blond fatale and that rates a 5
God Of Gamblers 2
Bollywood Romeo and Juliet (Ram-Leela)
Ready Player One
Currently watching : Transformers Age of Extinction
Last Cinema flick was The Return of Mary Poppins
They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson's documentary about WWI is exceptionally good and at times overwhelming.
I hope to watch that soon! It looks great.

They'll Love Me When I'm Dead ..................................... 7.8/10
It's sad to see the time when Orson Welles had to struggle so hard to make movies. This documentary showed the clues of how he was exiled from Hollywood. The mystery of why exactly isn't showed but it seem that after Ambersons he really got depressed because the studios did not let him show his vision in the final cut.

The Other Side of the Wind (2018) ................................................ 5/10
I don't get it. I did like the editing at some points and thought that it seemed like a comedy. It was a mix of improv scene acting mixed with going through an antique store and reading through a few magazines from the 1970s. I take this movie as a warning. Hollywood can back you in a corner and a movie like this can be stitched together with the hope of people liking it. I wish Orson would of wrote more scripts or done more radio shows after having lost momentum in Hollywood.
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the babadook 1/10 - seriously disappointing, it was hyped up so much and its just a rehash of tired cliches and the characters weren't even likable

the autopsy of jane doe 8/10 - a pretty cool little horror, it still has some flaws but I really appreciate the more original ideas within it and they really catch the 'creepy' factor
Hell or High Water.............................. 7.8/10

This movie was fun to watch. Certain things I did not like. I won't say. Overall it was very original. Towards the end of the movie it was as if every character was just trying to survive but the laws have been make life hard.
Pet - 5/10

it started good but got a little cheesy, didn't really like the end to much... its hard to believe the main man would be so stupid

Room - 7/10

I like the ideas, I thought the film would end with them escaping but it was interesting that that was the middle and then the film dealt with the aftermath of dealing with what they went through and their mental state and relationships
Beasts of No Nation....................................... 6/10

The one good thing this movie did shed light on why some kids fight in wars. Other than that it was boring.
hereditary - 5/10

I like horrors that are shot more as dramas (wish it was done more) and I love Toni Collette (best actress around) but honestly the story was disappointing... 2 hours and they still didn't manage to show you enough of anything to not have to just explain it expositionally at the end... its also not realistic, if there is a horrific accident that kills someone and you abandon the scene the police would very much get heavily involved, you also wouldn't seen a child to school right after such a trauma and no school would take the child until they had counseling and grieving time

the babadook - 2/10

seriously overrated, I don't get why anyone liked this it was just a lazy cheap cliched rehash of other films and the characters where incredibly unlikable
Polar - 8.5/10 .

Despite the unfair ratings I loved this movie. It's a lot better movie compared to the likes of John wick . I really really wanna watch a sequel of this one. I hope the low ratings won't get in the way of that.

Velvet buzzsaw - 5.5/10
I didn't dive into this movie with the expectation of night crawler in my mind, So I wasn't that much disappointed. The concept is good, too bad they didn't exploit it to it's potential.

Border - 7/10
This movie is really disturbing. The concept is kickass. The acting is kickass. Though the pace of the story feels a bit slow and again they didn't deliver on the promise of the concept as well as it could be done.

Burning 8.5/10

Fascinating movie! The fact that they could translate Murakami's book into a film shows that the filmmakers are really talented. Couple of the scenes are breath taking, cinematography-wise.

Climax 7.5/10

This movie was really scary. The pace for some of the scenes were unnecessarily long. But overall this movie delivers really good on showing the "drug-high hell".

Crimes of Grindelwald 6.5/10

Being a die hard Harry potter fan, I can't help but to watch this spin off with the expectation of the original franchise. But plot wise it is introducing certain aspects of the story that changes somethings in the Harry potter canon therefore I'm looking forward to the next movie.
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a dogs way home 5/10

it is what it is which is a talking dog film for kids, it wont rival homeward bound and the CGI bugged me a bit because it was just a little obviously fake but my 10 year old really enjoyed it

Devil 7/10

for Shyamalan it was decent, the 'twist' was somewhat predictable and I felt the side stories where never resolved (like why did the catholic man kill himself, what was the 'sin' of the security guard and the maintenance man etc...) but there was a nice level of creepiness which didn't rely on those god awful jump scares they stick in everything now

Elevator - 8/10

similar premise as Devil only a human not supernatural danger, I think I prefer more 'realistic' films but thats just personal taste so I slightly preferred this one
fighting with my family - 8/10

actually really liked this some great quotable lines and quite funny in parts, however the rock is barely in it which isnt what you would assume from the adverts
Spring Breakers - 1/10

honestly what was the point... I watched it to see the use of colours and lighting mainly but seriously whats the purpose for this even existing, ive never seen such a worthless film - it has no story, no character development, no likeable characters and its god awfully slow.
The whole thing could have been condensed to 10 minutes but they stretched it for over 90 most of which is just repeated clips of drunk teenagers flashing tits and ass while someone whispers 'spring break' repetitively.
Literally 80% of this film is repetitive either re-using clips or having the actors say the same thing again and again (every speech went on way to long and had nothing to say) and while on irritating repetitiveness the gun cocking sound effect did my head in, the used it multiple time on the cut of each scene to the point it lost any impact at all.
James Franco give the only acceptable performance and even then his character was irritating and badly written. I honestly cant believe this won so many awards, the only award that makes sense is the 'hall of shame' award for worst portrayed female