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Blindspotting. 8/10

Great movie! If anyone wants to explore racism, they gotta learn from this one. Realistic and hopeful at the same time. But it has extremely slangish dialogue, so if english is not your mother's tongue, I suggest u put some english subs on it.

I think there is a new movement in cinema in which people explore the superiority of certain aspects of black culture ( get out, hair wolf,.. ) that white people are trying to imitate from. Kardashians are an example of this. This movie exploits this subject matter too. In a smart and realistic way. Also the usage of freestye rappings as dialogues has given this movie a really interesting vibe.
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The Happy Prince. 9
Nicely done biopic.

Final Portrait. 8.25
Decent biopic.

Green Room. 8.5
Solid thriller from the writer/director of Blue Ruin. Nicely done, engaging.
If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) .............................. 7/10

Great photography throughout the movie. Kind of wish they used more wide shots. I really liked the acting too. Unfortunately many of the scenes seemed to drag out too long giving it TOO much emotional weight when we already had a heavy scene. Having not read the book it is based on I am not sure what to think about the ending. Wish it had a better conclusion. The music was the one thing I liked the most. Possibly one of the best soundtracks of the year. Overall I think many scenes could of been cut down to size and it would of been easier to watch. Will probably be an overrated movie.
The Favourite............. 7.8/10

Depraved minds can create an atmosphere of humor but this film seems to walk on the icy pond a little too much before it cracks at the end. My favorite aspect of this film was the lenses used and camera angles.


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my niece and nephew liked the meg so much they made me watch it. apparently they watch it like every day. So there you have it, mystery solved. Its a kids film.
my niece and nephew liked the meg so much they made me watch it. apparently they watch it like every day. So there you have it, mystery solved. Its a kids film.
Hahah, I may need to watch it now.

Dogtooth....................... They don't seem like teens/10

It's just too weird. I mean come on. What is scarier are the true stories.
The Avengers: Infinity War - 3/5. Obviously it's a fantastic movie and all that but I haven't seen all the ten thousand other Marvel movies so a lot of Infinity War was hard for me to follow. if I'd seen all the others it would probably be a 4 or 5. As far I remember there was only one of those jarring long distance zooms which bumps it up a notch.
The Polar Express.............................................9/10

When I first watched this movie I enjoyed it very much. I liked the style of animation. It reminds me now of video games from the Playstation 3 which isn't bad at all. The story is very well told. The main character (Hero Boy) doesn't believe in Santa at first and the movie shows him going "behind the scenes" in the train and at the north pole. The observation quality of how this movie is presented works great as a viewer. I also think the camera movements are some of the best in any movie ever made. It also has good themes for the kids which grown up can also relate too. To me this is a classic Christmas movie that seems to be timeless.
A Simple Favor


I thought it was great overall...very refreshing in its story.
The acting was excellent...Anna Kendrick; always great...played well with co-star Blake Lively.
The twist/ending kind of got away from itself, a bit farfetched...the only reason I didn't rate it higher.
Solo: A Star Wars Story ................................................ 8.3/10

For a new star wars movie this one is my favorite! The action just keeps going but it's easy to follow. Each cast member brings something to the table and helps color the story. It was a fun movie. I think the reviews gave it a bad rating because there have been too many star wars films in a short period of time.
Venom. 7
Fairly decent. Probably deserves better treatment than the critics have given it. A better "version" of this film is
. =)

The Sisters Brothers. 7.75.
Pretty darn good. I'd give it a higher rating but for a dumb, implausible choice it expects us to believe a couple of characters make. I understand they needed to move the story along in the direction they wanted; but they could have made it more plausible.

You Were Never Really Here. 6.75
I'd give it a higher score if it weren't for an absurd premise. Apart from the story which needed a reworking at a fundamental level, it's a great showcase of craft, including a great showcase of Joaquin Phoenix's acting chops. Great job, Joaquin.
Into the Spiderverse: 10
Aquaman: 7.5 / 8
Crimes of Grindelwald: 5

Absolutely loved the animated Spiderman film. Writing, music, characters, ... it was delicious.

Aquaman: I was very positively surprised. A couple of times I was like: "this is a genre switch, what the hell just happened", but overall I actually really enjoyed it. I could forgive the not perfect CGI because I was having fun watching it.

Crimes of Grindelwald: CGI etc. was fantastic but expected more. Story-wise it was ok, actors were great, but for some reason I felt like somebody went up to Eddie Redmayne and was like: "alright, so do what you did last time, just be like a million times more awkward. ALL THE TIME", so that was kind of tiring. I did enjoy it and all the fights and monsters, etc. but the story was not super great and the crazy girlfriend was just whack lol.

I know, I know.. the same stuff kind of applies to Aquaman. It's not the greatest movie ever, that's for sure. I just really enjoyed it.


And I did finally see Venom: 7.5
I just love everything Tom Hardy is in, so even though it was fine... I still really enjoyed it. Plus I love the Venom character and it's the first time they kind of did it any justice.
Into the Spider-Verse - 9/10 (The style of it in particular struck me. Very cool movie.)
Bumblebee - 7/10 (It's what all of the films should have been really. It was a lot of fun.)
Aquaman - 6/10 (A fun ride. Pretty much the silliness I was expecting.)
The Spy Who Dumped Me - 5/10 (Fun but my interest waned a bit in the middle)
Hesher ..................... 7.9/10

Overall I liked it. I think it works well for those who have gone through some crap in life and can see the contrast of it all. I think all the characters in this movie represent a side of life and how they cope with it all is different. Hesher has turned into a creature that to me represents the worst of what can happen to a person in the world. TJ has to fight against all the crap coming his way and needs guidance from his Dad or else TJ could become a Hesher. Also, the grandmother played an important roll too. I just don't want to give everything away.

But, there were moments that just seemed too out there and the comedy was reaching at times.
The Bells of St. Mary's ................................................. 9/10

This is one of those movies that kind of has it all. Comedy, drama... but actually no romance. It also shows a good side of a Catholic school, whether true or not the world this movie creates seems like something out of a book. To me this movie also has some of the best writing I've ever seen in a movie. The comedy worked most of the time. The children we represented as children but also respected as adults within the story. It had almost every age group from young to old. It's a dense story with many different things happening but could also be viewed as a simple story from far away.

Some of the singing is dated and it does have it's moments which are .... a bit much but overall I was very surprised by the comedy. The acting is great too. There is something about movies in the 1940s that seems to hold up over time.