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Las Vegas IndieMeet 2012 (June 15-17)

It's that time of year, again.
That's right!

This is the event where you, the filmmaker/actor/artist,
can stand up,
start talking and
literally dazzle people with stuff that you know!

Want to perform your comedy act? Go right ahead!

Want to present your work or show your short movie? Yowza!!

Or just hang by the fire.

Filmmakers, mostly from NV, CA, AZ, UT, TX, though several have travelled from as far as Montreal.

A 3 day casual meet in Las Vegas. Network, mingle, watch indie movies, eat, drink and share knowledge.

The weekend of June 15th-17th. (8th year)

Private residence in N/W Las Vegas. (PM me for the address or just add vegasindiemeet as your Facebook friend.)

Free entry and food. Donations welcome to help cover costs, but not required.

vegasindiemeet@aol.com or "Friend me" at VEGASINDIEMEET FaceBook!

What actually happens? Watch this IndieMeet video:


Basically - kick back, bring your best short movie and/or do a presentation, preferably 15 minutes or less, per each subject. You can do more than one.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: (More specifics as details become available. See Last Year's THREAD for responses and examples.)

FRIDAY, June 15th
6pm - Hors D' Oeuvres, meet and greet.
8:00pm - 2am (approx.) - Short and feature films.

SATURDAY, June 16th
1:30pm to 7:30pm - presentations, demos....and pizza!
8:00pm - 2am - Short and feature films

SUNDAY, June 17th
1:30pm (approx.) - Several of us will go see PROMETHEUS.
5pm to 9pm - Barbecue/pool party.
10pm to 2am Short films & fire.

Log onto Facebook to see these photo albums:

2004 pics
2005 pics
2006 pics
2008 pics
2009 pics
2010 pics
2010 pics 2
2011 pics


Anyone with a sleeping bag is welcome to stay at our place. (Yes, a SLUMBER PARTY!) Tents are also welcome. SEE!

If you prefer a hotel, these are nearby:

Santa Fe Station
Fiesta Rancho

All 3 on Rancho Drive. (All within 4 to 5 miles.) Additionally:

Cannery Hotel (7 miles, but a straight shot down Craig Rd, to the house.)

Some past attendees:

Barry Green (Panasonic guru)
The Alien Warrior Comedian (from Last Comic Standing)
FEWDIO horror group
Christian Viel (RECON 2020 trilogy, HEROES OF THE NORTH)
Garo Setian (Lionsgate editor)
Pyrotechs from Grucci
Greg Parker (LORD OF THE DEAD)

Indietalk members:
Zensteve (SLICES)
Jeff Palmer (aka Flicker Pictures)
and more.
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Don, I replied to your PM, but I don't know if you got it, so I'll reaffirm, here, my enthusiasm for your trip idea!

Anyone else thinking about it? Mick? ROC? Rik? Dready? Steve? Cracker? Flicker? Brianluce? Kholi? Buehler......Buehler?
I wish I could. One of these years... I haven't been on vacation in more than 6 years :(

But I am planning a trip to Vegas later (August) for the huge Star Trek convention! Woohoo! Nerd out! :woohoo:

Maybe I'll see you there?
Definitely gonna try to make it this year, Mike! It'll depend on the employment situation...

Hey, whatever we can do to help. In other words, you can just stay at the house, etc. Save your money!

I'll be there! Although, I don't know if I'm going to be up for a 2am clsoing time...

It's a slumber party (for several). :lol: Some people turn in early and actually get some sleep.

One of these years, I swear I shall make the trip! Alas, the planets are not aligning this year. I've just entered money-saving mode for the next production. Hopefully I can make it next year!

I was so stoked to be the first to screen ANTI-HERO, last year. So, we will patiently await for whatever is good for you, your funkness. :bow:


IndieTalk's Resident Guru
You son of a.....

You do this over Memorial Day weekend and I can't go. So THIS year
you set it up deliberately on the weekend of the HUGE press event
for the opening of the new "Cars Land" at Disneyland. An even I have
already committed to and am getting paid really well for.

You just don't want me there, do you?
IndieMeet is great. Not only do you get to meet other filmmakers, watch movies, and presentations. But, you also get to see what you might look like in 10 years or so.