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  • Hi, Zensteve,

    You have expressed interest in my sci-fi project, and I am wondering what you would be willing to do and for how much.
    Hey Zensteve!
    I finally finished my 8 minute Horror / Thriller short film THE BOX. It really means a lot to me. and since you've reviewed my first short films some years ago, i am really interested to know your opinion about this one, i would really appreciate it if you watch it and tell me what you think! thank you for your time and everything else!
    Here is the thread where i posted the video
    Damnit I missed it! I was hoping to make a post right at your 10,000 (TEN THOUSANDTH!!) post. But hey, congrats :)
    Zensteve, I rarely post on Indietalk. I am not an authority on much of anything -- not a know it all. I take two steps forward and one step back (with almost every project)... I am moving forward -- but slowly. I read your comments on the threads -- you tend to know what you are talking about. And are reasonably consistent. If you have a few minutes. I would like your advice. I just put this project up. The video is under three minutes. The copy is brief and to the point. How do I improve it? E-mail me at ihaunt@att.net. I have a long list of people that might want to contribute. But have just scratched the surface. Kind of paranoid of cutting off my nose to spite my face. This will take forever. Fear of wasting my time... click here

    Thank you,
    don patterson

    I'm just passing by IndieTalk. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to be here. I guess I've been on Facebook mostly now. How have you been? -- spinner
    These Asylum Hollywood toys you're advertising in you're signature, are they one of your creations or you just a proud supporter? They are pretty awesome.
    Thanks Steve. The current wedding prices are pretty much based off of all prices I could find around Victoria, by looking at their costs vs quality and matching it up where I thought I sat. Still tying to figure out what I would charge for pretty much everything else, and how often I should volunteer just so I can get the job and meet new people

    It's facebook.com/MileCreations or Facebook.com/BrendanCherry

    Haha, thanks for that, that was awesome. I particularly like the sketch they did with the Riddler.
    Hey Zen. I don't get much traffic to my site but I'd love to post your Asylum Hollywood banner if you'd forward some code to me?
    Haha, wow! Thanks for not throwing it away. :P Good times, though! Anyway, most of my halfway decent stuff is on my vimeo page and my youtube page

    The vimeo page also has a "current work in progress", which needs to be edited down a little and music needs to be made/added. Good talking with you!

    By the way, get on facebook sometime so you can accept my friend request! :)
    Hey Steve! Yeah, I'm here and there. :)

    Just finished a a short promotional video for an art school nearby. I might end up teaching some film classes there in the near future too. That's the latest with me. I try keep my Vimeo and Youtube pages updated as much as i can. There might be a vid or two there you haven't seen. I just hope to keep learning and improving my skills. Someday may end up as good as YOU. ;)

    Take care!
    Hey Steve,

    Hope you're well. Been a while since I've been on here - been busy working (a good thing!). I relocated from NoHo to an ad agency in NYC. Way different scene out here. I've been doing freelance edits from LA via FedEx and hard drives and felt really inspired to write this post. Would love to hear your input.


    Thanks bud!

    Hello, My name is Michael Bernard. My username for this site is kal el. I'm currently in the works of creating a film. I'm trying to become acquainted with as many professionals as possible. Please either give me a call or check my website. earthsguardiansheavenswar.com
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