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Las Vegas IndieMeet 2012 (June 15-17)

man I SOO want to be there.... im going to have to figure SOMETHING out..

Duuuuuuude, let me know! Remember, you can camp out with us, for no hotel cost.

GREAT promo, Scoopic!! Hilarious! That should get some butts in the chairs. Have fun!!

Getting good responses in the first day! Even Christian Viel (RECON 2020 movies) is trying to score a quick passport to make it out from Montreal, next week. I hope he can swing it. Of course, you are an absolute hoot, Jeff! It's okay, because SCREAM OF THE SCREAMING SCREAMER will be screened in your honor!
Okay, this year is done!

Here is some of the crazy stuff that happens at IndieMeet - handled by professionals, mind you! We have some of the best presentations seen anywhere. I'll probably be taking this link down, shortly. ;) Footage of this year, as well as 2011 (me firing the machine gun) and 2010. Fellow members Flicker Pictures, Zensteve, Sound Ninja and Don Patterson appear.

Great stuff. I so want to go to this. This is what I was doing that weekend...