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Critique my screenplay try

Your script suffers from major grammatical errors to a point that they make your script unreadable. Both your dialogues and scene descriptions are nonsensical and unreadable. Either give your script to someone to edit it for you or write it in your own language and give it to someone to translate it to english. Also do not refer to your characters as "WOMAN" or "DIRECTOR" (I had this problem too) , instead give each character a specific name and address them with their names. Except for crowds (or insignificant characters who don't have any dialogues) you basically need to name every character in your script.
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.celtx files can’t be previewed.



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I'd love to see your 3 pages. How about uploading a PDF so those of
us who don't use Celtx can read it...


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The point is, don't make people work to read your screenplay. Download, install, whatever. If it's work for us we will click the mouse elsewhere.

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Of course, you can't read it guys, because it was never there, to begin with!

pedramyz said he could open it. If there was nothing there I am assuming that he would have said so.

I downloaded the script from her link then I opened it with my Celtx in desktop.
Future - screen you are loosing the chance of people reading your script because of this Celtx format. Some have already shown interest in your script. Upload a PDF version of your script on Celtx site before people loose interest. There is an option in celtx app that allows you to convert your script into PDF format.