Almost 1,000 cases here in maryland now, it just keeps going up: Live number is here -
I was at the grocery store and I saw two girls notice each other then run up and give each other hugs and greetings. Like damn.

I'm trying to stay inside mostly but it seems like I go out 3-4 times a week. ugh. Went to two places today.. pharmacy for dog pills.. and they only gave me a one week supply. wtf. Then i had to go to the vet and complain and get another 3 weeks. I'd rather not be doing any of that. We need those amazon delivery drones already... and use them for grocery, pharmacy, etc it would really reduce so much risk.

And I saw a video of a guy with CV talking about how the hospital wanted to send him home, but he needed to be isolated yet was too weak to walk and take care of himself. So how to be isolated if you need someone to feed and water you? My solution: Pet Monkeys.
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No, it's everyone!

You are a film maker that appreciates and pays attention to sound. Actually, I'm sure that most people are aware that the world sounds different, but couldn't put their fingers on the specific details.

You can tell it's empty! That is partly perception, sure, but there's also an eerie quality to the rumble.

I'm positive that you can hear the difference. Take the weight of all of the passengers out of the cars plus the passengers sound absorption and the train has a different sound quality. The empty platforms, less business noise, minimal pedestrian & vehicle traffic means you're hearing more of the train than usual; it's not surprising at all that it would sound different. The "eerie quality" may be a bit of a projection on your part, but that's completely understandable considering the circumstances.
The eerie quality is also the minus of the "white noise" of a bustling city. I also live right by the BQE. But yeah. That rumble itself is just eerie.
Five deaths reported in maryland
  • A Prince George's County resident in his 50s
  • A Charles County resident in his 50s
  • A Wicomico County resident in her 60s with underlying medical conditions
  • A Baltimore City resident in her 60s with underlying medical conditions
  • A Baltimore City resident in her 80s with underlying medical conditions
EDIT: The governor just went live
He said the deaths have tripled to 15.
A patch of 100 people got infected at a nursing home, including ~30 staff.

A stay at home order has been issued, you're only allowed to leave your house for food or medicine or to work at an essential job
You can't leave to go visit friends, etc anymore.
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We get the death stats and news everywhere. I wonder if it might be nice
to keep the posts on this thread to the personal: how each of us is handling
this issue. I, personally, would love to know what you folks are doing, what
you're thinking, how you're coping rather than what new death stats you
have found.

That's a very moving video. Thanks, Feutus.
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Me personally, after having a government contract cancelled, at home waiting nervously to whether I get to claim unemployment benefits. Money will run out soon if it doesn't come through.

Using the spare time to try to program my first computer game, but it's tough to get my head in the game with all the uncertanty. I'd like to have some sort of prototype ready by the end of this Covid disaster.
I spent a couple of days just moving everything around – trying a new
layout in my living room. Maybe the bedroom will be next. I rearranged
all my DVD/Blu-ray – this time by genre and release date. Found about
15 duplicates – not just different versions or DVD to Blu-ray upgrades
but the exact same disc. Unopened. Foe some reason I kept buying
"Casablanca" thinking I didn't already one a copy. Have three of them.
Found out I don't own "Goodfellas".

I've been shooting a little video everyday. Might make a nice video
diary in the future.

How are you all hanging in there?
Just picked up the last check I’m expecting from a shoot a few weeks go. That’s pretty much it for me at this point.

The stimulus/relief package opens unemployment benefits to freelancers, gig workers, and “self employed”. The package is federal, but the implementation is state-by-state. We’re being told here to go ahead and file for unemployment and the infrastructure (and benefits) will catch up, but our state hasn’t made any modifications at this point so there’s no way to apply as a freelancer. It’s a catch 22. You need to go ahead an apply and let the benefits catch up, but the infrastructure won‘t let you apply. Hmmm...
I went out to do some shopping today and just have to mention some of the changes I'm sure that everyone else has noticed.

Costco and the food store (Stop&Shop) have orange tape on the floor, six feet apart, at the checkout counters and an associate "directing traffic." They also have plastic shields between you and the cashiers. The liquor stores all have large signs touting delivery services, as do the few restaurants that remain open.

Still can't get gloves or masks - no surprise there - but haven't been able to get bleach. Our sewer backed up last week (we get roots in our old sewer pipe [the house was built in 1927]) and I really want to sanitize the basement floor. I've scrubbed it well, lots of soap and used quite a bit of Windex as well, so it's clean and there's no smell, but I would feel better if I could douse it with bleach and let it sit for an hour or so.

The whole social distancing thing has me feeling weird, almost like I'm being rude to people by keeping space between us.

I went for a drive today after shopping - just a needed to relieve some of my cabin fever. The roads are so empty compared to a month ago. All the construction sites are on hold. The local parks are all closed, as are the libraries, which means that I can't pick up all those books I've wanted to read nor DVDs to watch; my wife and daughter are monopolizing the TV.

I've started working on some musical projects I've wanted to get to for a long time, so that's a positive.

So, what have you noticed, and how are you relieving you cabin fever?
The markets are all pretty much stocked up here in Hollywood.
They are holding paper products, gloves and hand sanitizers in
the back. You have to ask for them and they limit how much you
can buy. Great solution.

The seemingly long lines to get in aren't really that long - they just
look that way because people are staying 6 feet apart. I typically
get in line and am walking out with my stuff in 15 to 20 minutes.

It's crazy to see some of the Starbucks closing. But then there
are five between my place and the Trader Joe's - about a mile
well its starting to enter the peripheries of my social circle
my cousin is staying at my parents house right now.. she said her friends aunt died of covid in CA

the numbers are exploding here in md and 1/4 people that get it end up hospitalized. its definitely stressing me out somewhat.
there was a large outbreak at a nursing home last week.. and now this week a new nursing home that my friends mom works at had two people test positive.

so like i said its entering the peripheries of my social circle now. I still dont know anybody personally that has been infected yet thankfully
im not the healthiest person and i have a gut feeling i will end up hospitalized if i get it. maybe just my nerves. but ive heard its the worst for my blood type too.
Can't be understated what a huge deal it is to make it through the first night of ICU without a ventilator.
I'm feeling way more optimistic for Boris today.

Went to the grocery store this morning at 8 am but it was still fairly packed and stressful. I should have woken up at 6am :(
80% of people were wearing masks. Not every employee.
I live in a gated, guarded (armed guards) retirement village in Palm Springs, so we're already pretty well "quarantined" from the outside world. Lost one neighbor 2 weeks ago from COVID-19, so NOBODY comes in my house now without masks and gloves (I also have a wife on oxygen). Our stores have PLENTY of food, although certain items like beef ramen, white bread, and Jelly Belly's still fly off the shelves. My parents lived through tougher times (the Great Depression, Hitler, the Edsel), I don't have any right to complain... but I am getting tired of "I Don't Work Here, Lady" videos.
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