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  • Asylum Hollywood is a side-business I own, selling movie-related vinyl figures. All the figures & designs are made by Funko - they have access to some pretty sweet licenses. The Pop! series of figures are meant for display, mainly. They're not articulated like action figures, though there's usually a head swivel for dramatic posing lol. My website's newsletter always has ongoing discounts, if interested. Cheers, Steve. :)
    Well, at least you only wasted 13 bucks. I can't imagine you'll ever want to use it, but if you ever do, I will travel straight to Alaska, so that I can personally kick you right square in your nuts!

    I hope you didn't spend too much, cuz I think that's a bad idea. One of the main reasons for getting DSLR is the ability to swap actual lenses, not just to slap on an adapter (which can really degrade the quality of the final image). What lens do you have for your T2i now? Did you get the 18-55mm kit lens? If you did, in my experience, there aren't too many occasions in which you'd desire to have anything more wide than 18mm.
    I was wandering if i could get an honest opinion about this microphone.

    Never buy anything Azden.

    Also I wanted to ask you about different kinds of mic's and in what conditions they should be used in (I.E. shotgun, cardioid, supercardioid, hypercardioid, omni and uni; dynamic, condensor, electret and ribbon)

    For film applications:

    Shotgun = outdoors

    Hypercardioid (cardioid, supercardioid) = indoors

    omni & uni = music and sound FX

    For the rest you should do some serious directed research on the net; it's a very deep subject, and highly opinionated once you get past the technical aspects.


    No, I worked for Alaska State Parks Mat-Su. I was only there for 3 years. I left for a news photog job in Texas with an ABC affiliate which is what I did before Alaska.
    I hope so. I don't know shit about tripods. I went into a camera shop, tested them out, felt them up, thought I found a solid one at $120. It turned out to be the worst piece of shit in the history of the world.

    I think there have been a few threads specifically for tripods. I would definitely recommend taking the time to find out which one will be solid. You'll appreciate it if you camera is standing on top of a rock.
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