July 9
Steven Richards
Actor, Director & lo-budget producer. Grip/Gaff in a pinch lol
Music Videos:

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment "I Kissed the Joker" - B-cam
LA Zeppelin - Live Concert multicam
Traffic Jam - Live Concert multicam
Steve Thomson's untitled - G&E
Psycho Charger's "Chillerama" - 2nd Cam / G&E
Whiskey Glass Eye's "This Is My Response" - B-cam
Larusso's "Wickerman" - B-cam
Killola's "I Don't Know Who" - G&E
Emii's "Everything Of Me" - Greenscreen / G&E


"The Storm"
"Confessions of a Womanizer" w/ C Thomas Howell
"We've Got Balls"
"Damon" - v/o
"Fiddler on the Roof" (stage)
"Girl in a Bottle"
"Pain Is Beautiful"
"Frontier - Prelude To Darkness" - continuing episodes
"Never Open The Door"
"Cold Blooded"
"Crack Whore"
"Bloody Bloody Bible Camp"
"Dead Fuck"
"Notes from the New World"
"Waking Up With Monsters"
"North Mission Road - Who Killed Superman?"
"Handle With Care"
"Into The Creek"
"Sleeping With Monsters"
"Health Nut"
"Sarang Song"
"Hooligan's Valley"


"Born To Die" - G&E
"Werewolves In Heat" - Producer (in preproduction)
"Cupid's Miss" - G&E
"Sleeping Beauty" (Doritos lol) - DoP
"The Storm" (previously Cold-Blooded) - Associate Producer
"The Aztec Box" - DoP
"Holidays Hurt" - G&E / 2nd Cam
"Omit" - G&E
"Pain Is Beautiful" - 2nd Unit Dir. / G&E
"Salem's Lot: One For The Road" - G&E
"Departure" - G&E
"Never Open The Door" - G&E
"Crack Whore" - G&E / Catering
"Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" - G&E
"Dead Fuck" - G&E / Camera (2nd unit) / Catering
"Welcome to the Neighborhood" - G&E
"Weak Species" - Production Assistant
"Mindbender" - 1st AD
"Slices" - Writer / G&E / Editor
"Dead Letters" - Writer / Director / Editor
"The Range" - G&E / Line Producer / Editor
"The Exterminator" - G&E / Editor
"Turnout" - Editor
"Rest" - Writer / Director / Editor
"Of Consequence" - Writer / Director / G&E / Editor
"Hooligan's Valley" - Production Manager
"Broadband" - Writer / Director / Cinematography / Editor
"Trunk Fiction" - Writer / Director / Editor
"Mysterio" - Writer / Director / Cinematography / Editor
"One for the Road" - see you at Cannes 2012, baby \o/


"Handle With Care" received:

Outstanding Achievement in Film Music - Silver Medal for Excellence

at the Park City Music Festival ('07)


"Into The Creek" received:

Best Drama
Best Picture
Best Director

at the UCI Film Festival ('06)
Favorite Film(s)
That one about the guy... you'd know it if you saw it.
Favorite Director(s)
Steven Richards. What a kick-ass fellow.


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