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  • Hi
    Here's a commercial I made for a contest. I was not able to figure out whats wrong with it or how should I have improved the production quality of the video.
    The few replies I got here said the same.
    You gave me some good advice in the past, can you please tell me how could I have improved the video quality.
    I am planning on making more shorts and music videos soon. So, am really itching to know 'filmmaking' really well.
    PS: I had to starr in the video as the foreign student.
    Hey Steve! I live in NoHo as well! Got any shooting or projects going on? I'd love to help out!
    Thanks! We had a lot of fun last night. The audience really seemed to enjoy the film. Lots of laughter in the audience. And I mean LOTS. It was really terrific to be part of that.
    eh, all of my stop motion work is...well, it's not that good. I'm a bit self conscious about it..mainly my horrible "batman" voice. but thanks.
    Lol. Thanks. Actually, I love monkeys. Spent a great deal of my undergrad work studying them, while working on my anthropology degree.

    I just posted a scene from "Antihero", in the private screening room. Would love to hear your take on it, if you've got time to watch and comment.
    I appreciate that. But I'm not offended by his opinion. I'm just pointing out that he isn't cracking a joke about the movie, but about the people who like the movie. And I'm kinda tired of that. I feel confident that Nick and I can keep things civil. I've got to respond to his latest post, but if he still doesn't get it, I'm gonna walk away at that point.

    Thanks for the interest in "Antihero". My two leads and my lone crew member are about to come over to watch the rough cut. Should be fun!

    Same to you, brother! Fun short, too :) It reminds me of this made for TV movie where Henry Winkler was a zombie :P
    Thanks bro.

    I'm actually taking a break from writing tonight and reading Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing".
    Hopefully it will help inspire my own scenes....
    Thank you for the link, Zen! He does beautiful work. What a unique ability it is to imagine a three dimensional work as a 2-d pattern to be folded, takes a very special mind. Kind of reminds me of physicists like Robert Lang and the father and son, Erik and Martin Demaine from MIT. :)
    Also I will be using a light meter but the needle wont move to know what exposure your at unless you have the batteries in. Is there a particular light meter you would recommend??
    For my canon 518 I found that I need a MR9 adapter w/ a silver oxide 386 cell. That sound right to you?? And thanks for Yale recommend. I was looking at spectra. May just be me but they seemed a little pricey. Thanks again.
    Hey Steve. As you know I bought that Super 8 a couple days ago. Received it, added batteries, and it seems to run. However in order to set the exposure? I need to have the airs?/spacers to replace the mercury cells. Do you know where to get those?? Question 2 Who would you recommend for film purchasing/processing/telecine work. Thanks in advance, Stephen. That's right , mines with a PH :)
    Thanks Steve. My lifes been quite a roller coaster the past few years. The sad thing is, I think IndieTalk could have been a place that kept me centered. But for some reason or another I drifted away. I kept trying to come back, but I was never in the right mindset.

    But now, I've rededicated myself to being a filmmaker, and I know this is a place I need to be.
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