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  • Yes Steve, it's me before starting my musical activity. If you meet Mario, please tell him that I came back to Italy! :))
    Thanks Steve! I had hoped to post the latest incarnation, but family stuff got in the way. I plan on posting in the next month (30+min) and am currently working on storyboarding a trailer for the project. How's your feature coming along?

    Oh, forgot to add, the Beaulieu looks good on you.:D
    Hi, Steve!

    Really? would love to hear more of your thoughts. I know you like some horror, but I never asked what other kinds of movies you like.

    Sci-fi is pretty hard and people tend to give you funny looks about trying to attempt one, but I'm getting a lot more confident about being able to pull it off, for next to nothing - and have it look much better than my previous stuff. I've made a deal with myself that I will try to avoid as much cartoony CGI as I can.....but, not After Effects! I've only been doing that for just over a year and I'm convinced that compositing real objects (models, sets) can go a long way.

    I haven't started on anything else, yet. I'm still in Tutorial DVD mode, because I'm still needing the cash. Hopefully, soon. I'm really aching to do another feature.
    Hey, suddenly we're talking about making movies again instead of Avatar! "Spinning wheel got to go 'round..."
    Wow, what a name! BBBC sounds like something I would watch just because blood at bible camp is AWESOME!

    No the 48 hour we finished and we find out if we won anything in another week I think.

    Someone had a script writing contest. 4 scripts were chosen and then they published them and you get to pick one and make it yourself, and they are going to pick a winner of who does it the best. It's called something, but its just not coming to me.

    We've got projects for days, just nothing special to post right now. I'm working on a post-apocalyptic zombie script. While also working on this contest with my group (can't quite remember what it's called right now).

    You working on anything right now?
    Thanks Zen, it's not that I sweat it, just think people should say "hi" or something to acknowledge us before trying to push what their selling you know? Haha I was a salesman for a few years and the first thing I ever learned was before you ask for something from someone (in this case us to view or give criticism or both) you should build rapport. I guess thats just me, ill go back to my corner now with my pointy hat. :mope:

    P.S. I hope you had a great birthday my man! :cheers:
    Yeah looks like I have until July 19 to get the early bird rate, but they do warn of limited spots... Now the question is whether to do my own team or try and join one... hmm And btw, you are welcome to join my team, if you happen to be halfway across the country in august :D
    I was thinking of doing the next one, it's in august, I believe. Should I already be craigslisting for a team, do you think?
    Thanks, ZS... but I can't promise you anything... April 4th is just around the corner you know ;)
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