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  • Hello, my name is Dave ,I am a director/writer for Sikandtwisted Films ,our scripts are ideal for micro budget production ,if you need any help ,my Email address is " " You can check out some of our films on myspace , just check out sikandtwisted films. The films we have on there are not completely edited we put the edited ones on the DVD . If you like them give me a holler and we will help you with a script.

    Thank you,
    I'm a parent, a husband, a student, an archaeologist, a filmmaker, a musician, and a filmmaker... Actor, fencer, championship yodeler (the yodelling isn't true, but the rest is :) )
    Hi Navyakavyar!

    I've got 2 scenarios in mind. I was thinking you should try something using animation. On the other hand that can get pretty complex. One is a Sci-Fi involving special-FX, the other is a simpler Drama which might be easier to do.

    1. Sci-Fi: A mad scientist is working on a formula for everlasting life. He thinks it is complete and he drinks it. He shrinks down to about a 1/2 inch tall. The scene goes on to show his adventures as a tiny man. Will he find a way to return to normal size? Or will he live forever as a shrunken man??

    2. Drama: A group of friends go on a camping trip for the weekend. One of the friends is a video enthusiast who records everything they do together. One day while on a hike they slowly begin to realize that they don't know where they are or what direction they're going. The story goes on to show the drama that unfolds between a group of life long friends that think they know each other very well.

    Let me know what you think.

    Hi Navyakavar,

    I'd love to help you with your script. I see you're getting your degree in animation. Well I think you should make your short using animation. I just have a couple of questions before we get started: Do you have any friends that would be willing to act in your short, if so how many guys and how many girls? How long do you want your short to be? What kind of camera(s) and editing equipment are you working with? and what genre do you want to do? ( comedy, action ,horror ,drama, love story, sci fi ) does it matter??

    let me know and we'll get started from there.

    look forward to hearing from you!
    Alas, when it comes to funds, I too am tight! There's a lot of connections on these boards though-you'll be able to get some ideas-Welcome to the boards!
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