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  • I do not know when you viewed it last, but I did do some changes at midnight... had a epiphany moment while sleeping. LOL. Early to bed and early to rise and sometimes I have a brainstorm while dreaming of being successful on a major project that is bugging me... E-mail me at and I will send you the latest URL. Writing the script for the video. Waiting to get some award winning haunters to do video plugs -- their makeup is amazing!!!! They all want this to happen too. I am going to need several photographers on this project. Paid photographers. This is a 9 month project. Throughout the USA. Be aware -- not a local thing.
    You are on that short list.

    So. Visit the URL again. Let me know specific changes of words or proposals.
    Thanks for the input. I will check out the comments. I have the help of the former presidents of a few of the Attraction Industry top organizations -- and many, many haunts wanting this to happen. They said to kill my age info. I did. They said to raise the price on the pledge gifts -- 25 to 50, 50 to 75, 75 to 100, 100 to 150.00 -- I was shocked -- raise it? But they said that no one has ever done something like this and the haunters, haunts and corporate people will go nuts for it. Also said I should aim at 50,000.00... I think that that is far too much, if it get 200% + funding I will be very happy. Over 60 grand, I would consider a 4k camera like the Sony F55... really push for top picture quality.
    Hey, Ernest - thanks for the birthday greetings. Just found it in my in-box, here. Hope you're well!

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes! What's cool is that I had a wrap party for a film short I just DP-ed for on yesterday.
    No, sir. You clearly don't understand the awesomeness that is the high-five-hug. It's gonna spread like wild-fire, I tell ya! It's the manliest salutation, ever.
    Jesus Christ, what are all these visitors doing here?!

    Oh, your official prize is a high-five-hug. It's a new form of greeting that I plan to popularize. It's like the half hand-shake/ half hug, except you start with a high-five, then move in for the man-hug.
    Hey man, I didn't see you had a Birthday. Sorry I missed it. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!...I'm an idiot.
    Yea been prety busy. Things are settlinmg down now. I was actually about to get together with my local "meetup" group and see if the want to make a short. Hell, I still have some Super 8 I need to shoot.
    Sorry it took me so long. Been workin on it. Here's my email.
    Hey Ernest, I posted in the premiere section asking if anyone would be intereseted in reading my screneplay for a short I'm planning. Thought I'd you as well.
    hi dis is kavya from india i'm an aspiring director......i've dne a musical video album earlier and planning make a short.....but the thing is i'm not that good at script writing....i'm still a student...can u plz help me with a small and simple script that would take micro budget to finish it.
    i'll be really thankful to you if you help me hope u will.....thanking you in advance awaiting for ur reply at the earliest
    hey can u help me in getting through this film industry....presently i'm doing my graduation( Bachelors degree) in Animation....and i'm planning to do ( my Masters) Post graduation in film making in abroad.....can u help me out in giving suggestions....thanking you in advance...awaiting for ur reply
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