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    misc FilmFreeway and Vimeo: who's watching your film?

    We all expect that the festival will show due respect and give each submission equal consideration. But it doesn't work that way. I, too, have worked as a reader covering scripts and I watched movies for SlamDance and a couple of other film festivals. It's not fair at all but we just don't...
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    tv RIP, Great Pumpkin

    Tradition is a strong force...
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    camera iPhone 12 threat to DSLR’S and mirrorless cameras!

    Not a threat. But still a fine option for a low budget filmmaker.
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    software Audio unsynced when using Buetooth speaker

    I am by no stretch knowledgeable in audio. I, too, have experienced audio lag using Bluetooth speakers so I assume it's the Bluetooth, not the editing program.
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    pre-pro Novice producer has compensation question (A-List actor project)

    As you are learning, financing and returns on a movie project is very complicated. Tax rebates/credits/offsets are crazy complicated. You're correct, it's a nice chunk returned which is why so many producers chose to shoot in countries and states that offer those breaks. It is not uncommon...
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    pre-pro Novice producer has compensation question (A-List actor project)

    "offsets" or "overhead" are not a source of revenue - they are both expenses. It's common for the producer who is putting up the money to take their expenses from the gross. Overhead is typical. Offsets can be included in that. Worth looking into those line items.
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    Stills Share

    Two weeks ago a rare rain event (that's what the local news called it) in Hollywood.
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    pre-pro Novice producer has compensation question (A-List actor project)

    Your question isn't clear. But I'll take a stab at it. No, "offset" and "overhead" exclusions are not other producers.
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    critique Try this on for size; ON 'E" spec.

    This feels very personal. That kind of passion can make a great script. Or doom it. The redemption of the asshole boyfriend is confusing. Or is it her death that redeems him? You write such detail then the ending becomes a confused mess. So what's next for you? A more traditional treatment...
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    cameras Sony neX VG 20 vs sony a5100 as a first camera

    Both the a6000 and the G7 would be fine for a first camera. One isn't better than the other. I'm considering that this is a first camera and that you will upgrade in the future. I suggest you get the one you can afford now, get a shotgun microphone and think about lenses later. Make two or...
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    cameras Sony neX VG 20 vs sony a5100 as a first camera

    If you can get the NEX VG20 for your budget, get it. It's a great camera. Might be a lot for a first camera but it has all the essentials. Far more important than handycam or mirrorless/DSLR is a microphone input. If a camera doesn't have that you will need and audio recorder, which adds to...
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    Indie Films as Side Hustle

    What I found when trying to get other people involved is to have a plan and stick to it. When it comes time to shoot don't try to work around other people's schedules. Set your shoot dates and find people who are willing to commit to those days. No one who is making a living is putting 100%...
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    misc The Cinematic Experience

    sfoster, I understand why you did this and where it came from. I'm now expanding on what you have presented. Because I think it's a great topic to discuss. I'm thinking that for the newbie skimping on one thing to put more effort into another could be the road to ruin. Audio is 50% of the...
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    misc The Cinematic Experience

    Having never gone to college I'm always fascinated by these experiments. To me, admittedly non-college educated, attempting to break down “art” is silly. The only piece of advice I have ever fully embraced is, “Nobody knows anything.” But I enjoy reading peoples opinions and I'm enjoying this...
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    critique Looking for feedback on hard boiled/detective screenplay: Traceless

    Hard boiled/detective stories are my favorite. This is a difficult read because of your format. Not what you're looking for - I understand that - but it's difficult for me to get through all the directing and camera work to get to your story. Again I understand that this isn't what you're...