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    story Short stories with extreme limits

    I made a short called "Closet Case" - a guy with a shotgun and scratches on his face in a closet. And there's something out there.
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    camera Making a Found Footage movie that doesn't suck

    Kind of... So you have created an entirely new way to capture moving images. Doesn't that mean that what that image looks like is entirely up to you? You have total freedom over the look because the images we are seeing are not coming from a camera. Once you finish the script and get your DP...
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    picture My Parents are messing with my skills!

    I'm loving all the suggestions. I hope you are, xGi4nnix. Far from your parents messing with your skills, you parents have forced you into a great opportunity to show everyone (including yourself) just how skilled you have become as an editor.
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    off-topic CovidTalk

    The markets are all pretty much stocked up here in Hollywood. They are holding paper products, gloves and hand sanitizers in the back. You have to ask for them and they limit how much you can buy. Great solution. The seemingly long lines to get in aren't really that long - they just look that...
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    classics Why I appreciate DeMille and "The Ten Commandments"

    I've always loved that movie. It's overly melodramatic, kind of silly and poorly acted by some fine actors. It sure does suffer from DeMille's overblown sense of importance. But I really dig it. Robinson is spectacularly terrible. Thanks for the history. Interesting stuff. In '06 it was shown...
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    picture My Parents are messing with my skills!

    Burns is an American documentary maker who does very long (12 to 36 hour) docs for our public broadcasting system. Much of his work uses decades old film footage and stills - essentially B-roll never intended to tell a story. Great use of music and narration. A professional doesn't give up...
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    picture My Parents are messing with my skills!

    What a great way to expand your experience as an editor! This is often what professional independent editors must deal with - a client who wants something amazing with no options. How you deal with it is what makes the difference between an amateur and a non amateur. Using only B-roll can...
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    misc Does being a "jack of all trades" work?

    All genres have the same needs when it comes to storytelling: A compelling story and characters a viewer (or reader) wants to spend time with. As a writer, a director or a writer/director if you can do those two things it's very realistic for you to move between different genres.
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    What are you drinking right NOW!

    Oh hell yes! Finished off my bottle at the end of the year. Only 2 or 3 sellers here in LA.
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    off-topic CovidTalk

    I spent a couple of days just moving everything around – trying a new layout in my living room. Maybe the bedroom will be next. I rearranged all my DVD/Blu-ray – this time by genre and release date. Found about 15 duplicates – not just different versions or DVD to Blu-ray upgrades but the...
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    off-topic CovidTalk

    We get the death stats and news everywhere. I wonder if it might be nice to keep the posts on this thread to the personal: how each of us is handling this issue. I, personally, would love to know what you folks are doing, what you're thinking, how you're coping rather than what new death stats...
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    What are you drinking right NOW!

    Tonight a peaty Lagavluin, a cigar and one of my favorite movies.
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    off-topic CovidTalk

    I'm happy to see the markets back to almost normal. Went to the local Trader Joe's yesterday (25th), waited in a line outside for about 5 minutes, got what I needed and was out in (all in) 18 minutes. The shelves and refrigerated sections were full and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables...
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    format Format help

    I don't see why it couldn't work. If that first 18 pages is interesting and compelling you will hook the reader. And that's what's most important, isn't it? On the other hand if the first 18 pages feels like “backstory” then it will likely be something the reader will just want to speed...
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    story Zombies?

    I love a good zombie movie. Been a fan since I first saw "Night of the Living Dead". I believe a zombie film can be great. There doesn't seem to be anything specific to the genre that would stop a great director from making a great film from a great script. richy's example is a good one.