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  • Hey man, thanks! I can't take too much credit for the great bass-y music sounds, that was all our composer Nick Starr. He's nuts. The gunshots were layered with super low "sweeteners".

    As far as compression, I'm pretty sure I used the default "YouTube HD" h.264 setting in Adobe Media Encoder CS5, but maxed the audio bitrate for that project. You might try upping your audio quality on export. The bitrate defaults are generally 128-190, I usually do 320. It really doesn't effect the final file size that much compared to the overall size of the video itself.

    Hope that helps man!
    Hey! The shoot for "Antihero" went splendidly. Terrific cast. Still in post; should be completely finished by early January.

    I'm glad you're having such great adventures. I love Indonesia. Well, Bali, anyway, as I've never been to any other part of Indonesia. I spent a summer in Bali studying (and shooting video of) monkeys in Ubud. Would love to go back.

    Thanks for checking in on me. Have fun in Indonesia!
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