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  • Part 1: Hi directorik, I have a question, and two people have pointed me in your direction... here is my problem- I'm setting up to do a project where most of the filming will be of conversations amongst a group of 5 or less people, sometimes outside, sometimes in a vehicle, but most often in low light (dinning room/candlelight) and indoors.

    It will be destined for either DVD or online viewing, (not in theaters) and I want as clear a picture as possible for those outlets, with professional quality even in low-light situations.
    Set in modern day Los Angeles, The Hollywood Love Story is a gritty story about a wannabe actor, Troy Washington, who has made his name in the world as an adult movie star. He shares his journey with us as he struggles to make it in the mainstream acting world, with nightmares from his past continuing to haunt his dreams of a successful acting career. Things look promising when an aspiring director on his latest porno shoot gives Troy a shot as the lead actor in a mainstream film destined for Sundance fame. As Troy fights to break free of the stigmas of his porn star persona, he finds himself reminiscing on childhood setbacks, romantic relationships gone wrong, and lifestyle choices best forgotten. Mistakes and setbacks from his past have made Troy who he is today, but in his fight to make his acting dreams come true, will the very obstacles he has overcome threaten to shatter Troy’s world as he knows it? the way, I figured out the 24p 'problem'. You know what they say, 'don't blame the equipment, blame the operator'....I've been going over old settings...sometimes I keep track of them in case something happens and I forget where my settings were. So, I'll be throwing away that page and updating my settings list to accurately reflect that I am in 24p. (rolls eyes) I blame sleep deprivation...

    I would need the flash file codes of what you have up there right now, or give you a new site... Karen
    Very cool!

    The "big boys" rates aren't going to be found on any website. The costs are
    calculated on a project by project basis.

    But I can tell you that with a crew of pro operators (I charge $550 per day - a
    stedicam op will charge $1,500), a lighting and grip crew, the DP, the art
    department, the audio guys, the costumes and make up, equipment rental,
    the support staff and the director, you're looking at well over $200,000 for a
    simple performance video.
    Guess what! I have 2 local bands that want me to do some video for them! I am offering either performance music video or a documentary that could be used as an EPK. At this time, I am only asking about $400 for doc or video. I figure once I become alittle more well known, the price can go up, but I also want my ability to go up as well. That's why I've been asking about simple effects and shooting in 24p. I still would love to know what the "big boys" are charging for docs for thier CDs, but I don't really know where to look to price those. But I am beginning to get an idea, because for those who are asking for HD, I am telling them flat out that they can't afford it.

    And they can't, they are local bands. Part of my "I can still do this in digital" counter point is: look up how much it would cost to rent an HD camera for a week. I am sure they will come around, if not, no harm no foul and I'll even try to send them to someone who can do what they want. It'll cost way more than I but at least they will know.

    Anyway, that is what I've been asking about effects and 24p and how to "make" rain. I ought to know what I can and can't do. I am still trying to figure out the best ways to expand my videos into more behind the scenes stuff. I suppose that will come when the bands are more familiar with me.

    But still, 2 bands is 2 bands and I have a couple who are "thinking".

    If you want to take a look at the latest of my projects, go here:

    with effects, I am going for tasteful right now. We'll see what else happens....

    Later, Karyn
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