movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

Troll Hunter – 7/10
Entertaining, some great effects in there. Sometimes difficult to keep up with everything – it’s subtitled (Norwegian), as well as being found-footage, so it’s very frantic. Definitely worth a watch.

Melancholia – 6/10
Lars Von Trier does it again… Another depressing story, where very little happens for two hours. Some great performances though, and I do enjoy his style of cinematography.
Quarantine 2 - 6/10. Typical sequal, knew where it was going and how it was getting there, not too bad for wasting some time.

In a Better World - 8/10. Great film and the young kid was pretty disturbing.
Last film I saw was `The englishman who went up a hill`. 8 out of 10. Nice story for a sunday afternoon with lots of character actors. Watch out for Colm Meaney playing a welshman for a change.
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Johnny English Reborn
Terribly unfunny. Actually, I don't think I've liked any of Rowan Atkinson's big-screen ventures. Pity, 'cos his tv series are usually fantastic. He just doesn't tramslate well into movies. Dunno why.
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"Even the Rain" -- Great flick imho. I'm a big fan of Gael Garcia Bernal and this is one of his best, along with "The Science of Sleep".
Gosford Park. Very good! 4 stars. Like Downton Abbey with a murder mystery. Wow, what a cast. Really enjoyed it.
Elephant - 8/10 - I forgot how haunting this film is. While not top-notch acting (lot of non-professionals) still a great piece of work
Triagle. 9/10, this is an awesome low buget sci fi/horror movie i highly recommed this movie and try to avoid any spoilers. Its best to watch this movie without knowing anything.
Das Experiment (English: The Experiment): 7/10

This is the original 2001 German version, and it's a fairly engaging story of a caricaturization of how SOME people could act in A situation.
Basically it's LORD OF THE FLIES with adults and across only a shorter time period.

It was interesting enough to warrant a $21M Americanized remake starring Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker that went straight to video (Ahem. Cast. Budget. Distribution. Really?)
Maybe I'll catch that soon. :lol:

Don't bother with the remake.
Pure rubbish.
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All were DVDs (or BluRay) watched on 73" 1080 with surround sound.

The Thing - 2011 (pre-Carpenter version) -- I enjoyed, but predictable. C+
Priest - 2011 -- Good graphics, fast but short film, cardboard characters C+
Cowboys & Aliens (2011) -- Good graphics, slow at times, good acting but not much story B-
Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) -- great casting, good acting, nice story with believable dialogue UNTIL the ending, ending was corny with a very TVish resolution (would have given higher score if had a solid ending) -- note: I am not a 'romantic comedy' fan B
Real Steel (2011) This movie failed on every level F
Blood Simple (1984) - rewatched and re enjoyed this Coen Brothers 1st feature A+
12 Monkeys (1995) - rewatched and enjoyed more than when first viewed. B+
The Debt (2011) - disappointing C
The Devil's Advocate (2011) - Enjoyed this little known movie B+
Win Win (2011) - Good acting, enjoyed this little movie too B
Unknown (2011) - Contrived yet clever (I think Liam Neeson shines in these type of vehicles) C+
Chronicle- Cinematography was interesting for a "found footage film". It would have been better if it wasn't. Great character progression, and motivation. CG wasn't great, but it wasn't overdone. Overally predictable. 8/10
Norwegian Ninja (2010) - 7/10

One of those "out there" films that's obviously not for everyone. The story can be hard to follow in places but I found it enjoyable overall due to the absurd narrative and humorous dialog, as well as the blatant use of practical/miniature effects.
KHADAK (2006)

Fantastic film filled with rich visuals, allegory and poetry. Elements of Tarkovsky, Tarr, and Jodorowsky throughout. Music and sound design was awesome. Locations were at once bleak and beautiful. The style also reminded me of Tarsem's work.

Production note: they had to service the 35mm Arris to handle sub 35 degree weather conditions. Shot in Mongolia.

Available on Netflix.
Last film I watched is La vita è bella, `Life is beautiful`. A 1997 film starring Roberto Benigni,

A mixture of marks brother style comedy combined with a love story and the horrors of life in an extermination camp. I`d give it 8 or 9 out of 10. I really enjoyed it.
If you do decide to watch it I`d strongly recommend the Italian version with subtitles, not the dubbed version. Cant stand dubbed films.
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Instead of milking off of all the Marvel and DC superheros and villains, lets create a new batch...lets get ORIGINAL.

Like Hancock...Chronicle succeeds.