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  • I will pass my friend the info, tnx.

    As for the bay, I thought it was the other way around(meaning no moon) but I could be mistaken. I have been there 4-5 times and it has never been a breathtaking experience, I mean, it is nice but I'm not sure how it will translate to a movie experience. I'll take a look on YouTube, maybe there are some good vids to get an idea from.

    I'm a total noob when it comes to cinematography, so I'm not really the person to give advice on cameras and stiff lol.

    I also have a good friend who is the property keeper for a bunch of rental homes on the lower west side of the island, I'm talking big vacation homes next to the beach and such. If you want I can give you his info if you need such a thing.

    Another thing, Puerto Rico has gotten really dangerous in some parts of the island, please be aware if this and be alert and secured.


    It would absolutely help to have someone familiar with the island, and we do need an actor, preferably a local, to play a minister for a wedding scene while we're there. If you can, have him email me at brent@steephillfilms.com and I will get back to him asap.

    The bio bay shots we wanted to get are of the newlywed couple starting to get amorous in the lagoon, with the shimmer happening around them as they move. We plan on being there over the new moon in May, which is supposedly when the algae are the brightest and easiest to see. My hope (fingers crossed) is that with the C300's amazing low light capabilities we will actually be able to see it on the screen. What do you think?


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