series What series are you watching?

I like House of the Dragon so far, it's better than I expected, feels like they are getting the tone right. Casting is good, direction is good.

I'm not blown away by the story just yet, but GOT took a while to hook me.

I'm watching the second episode of rings of power today, visual execution is excellent, I'll have to wait a while to appraise the story.
Making the Cut. Amazon.

This thing has a kind of Firesign Theatre vibe to me. I don't know exactly what genre of music it is that saturates the incessant montages, but it might be the only genre of music i actively dislike. Heidi Klum delivers every line not only as if she is reading a cue card two feet in front of her, but also as if she is very proud of her ability to read at all. One of the judges, evidently some kind of fashion guru, always appears in some absurd kind of costume (on one episode he is in what appears to be his jammies) and is the definition of "pissy." And the contestants embody a, to me, impressive dedication to "me me me me me."

Anyway, I like it. I'm in for the haul, and am looking forward to tomorrows installments.

The best thing about it, for me, (besides the fun of indulging in pissiness myself) is Tim Gunn. He has such a sweet and seemingly genuine TV persona, and is a real pleasure to spend some time with.
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Rewatched some original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I must say, I am not AT ALL impressed by their mansion lol.
Check this, the butler lives there, plus parents, 3 kids, will smith, and they said they have 3 guest bedrooms

That's 9 bedrooms.. and when will moves into the house, he asks how many bathrooms they have... 4 and a half?? WTF LOL
You know the master bedroom has it's own bathroom, so that means 8 bedrooms have 3 bathrooms?

Can you imagine what it's like when they have family over. Jesus.
Uncle phil you cheap ass you need to install at least one more bathroom so 3 people aren't sharing one!!

Lets just get real for a second what kind of mansion has 3 people sharing a bathroom
that sounds more like an episode of malcom in the middle, 3 people fighting over a bathroom in the morning.

not luxurious mansion living
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Los Espookys is back! (HBO) It's been a while and I kind of forgot about it. Season 2 - 1 just dropped, but i think I'll re-watch season one (again) first. I won't bother trying to describe it, much, beyond this: silly, surreal, and honestly funny (in that Fred Armisen kind of way) . A+ (ok, maybe A-); 10 (ok, maybe 9.4)


Update: OK. I liked Los Espookys a lot, but it wasn't as great as I remembered, lol. I think, originally, I was kind of new to this humor aesthetic--unaware of Julio Torres and Anna Fabresia, and was several years behind on Fred Armisen and Portlandia--and so was impressed. It's the kind of humor that makes me think, "this is really funny," but not actually laugh. Which is still something--It's smart, amusing, etc.

Anyway, in other news:

Beavis and Butthead are back!
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The Imperfects on netflix, a basic young kids get super powers type series, with really fucking stupid writing.

This person/prisoner finally gives up and tells the name of her ally, isabelle finch
The police are contacted and... "no one by that name exists, no drivers license, no social security number" tell us her real name!!

This is so bad it belongs in the thread of shame - nobody in the entire country is named isabelle finch?
I'm supposed to believe that???? god that is some lazy fucking stupid writing to tell us that isabelle wasn't a real identity used by that ally.

And then this banshee character calls someone on the phone, screams, and kills him with her super loud scream... over a PHONE SPEAKER.
I couldn't take this dumb shit anymore and I turned it off. Fire these writers.
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Faithful to the original, exceedingly wholesome, a fun family show
the pilot is dedicated to dean stockwell ( the hologram Al ) who passed away november 2021 at age 85