streaming What are you watching rn?

I am going to throw out some of my recent favorites:
Portrait of a lady on fire (hulu)
A serious man (Netflix)
The road to perdition (Netflix)
West World (HBO series)

What are some recommendations?
^ I also watch a lot of YouTube these days.

Athlean X! :lol:
athlean just got 10 million subscribers after ten years on YouTube. And then he uploaded a video and didn’t even acknowledge it lol!!

also this guy is in the best shape possible for someone without steroids and he still adds 3” to his heigh lol damn that sucks to Be insecure about it into your 40s

I’m doing the athlean perfect home workout starting last week, eating insane amounts of protein trying to get my back strong enough to stop hurting all the time.

And I just finished binging Community. Took me a couple weeks and some breaks. The shows formula did get a bit old and the characters were all very flat. I can see why it struggled past season 3
omg i forgot to mention I watched some of the Joe Rogan podcast yesterday bc youtube rec
Holy shit it was some of the dumbest stuff I've ever seen/heard in my entire life

He was trying to say someone would be dead if they only ate snickers for two weeks...
Uhh dude you can eat NOTHING for two weeks and you'll still be alive, much less eating all three macronutrients of fat, protein and carbs..

Just mind boggling to me that people listen to stuff this dumb.
Oh if you eat sugar every day for two weeks youll DIE
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I love Joe's show! Yeah sometimes he or his guests get goofy. Often times, though, they are interesting, informative, and thoughtful.

Lol. IDK. That reminds me of this channel's fascinating but disturbing videos:

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I'll be watching Avengers Endgame in a moment because blockbuster mainstream flicks with cheeky dialogue are my guilty pleasure.

To preempt any judgement I present my curated selection of favourite directors: I like Tarantino, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Lang, Mann, Fincher, Scorcese, Nolen, Parker, Coen, Chaplin, (Spielberg, (Bay))... I'll stop here cause I realise they are all dudes and that's even more embarrassing...
ayyyyy new documentary about incels lol

I tried watching the Netflix Series - Hollywood and after about 15-20 minutes of nothing but gratuitous gay sex scenes I tapped out and turned it off. That stuff doesn't bother me but it doesn't interest me either, they went WAAAAAY to heavy on it and totally abandoned all pretext of story.
I just finished watching the 2 season series Good Behavior (2016-2017). It was originally on TNT but now streams on Hulu. It stars Michelle Dockery (best known as Lady Mary on Downton Abbey) and Juan Diego Botto. She's a thief who's just been released from prison & he's a contract killer. The plots go from unlikely to ridiculous and back again, but the entire cast is excellent and it stays entertaining.

I've been going through the Adam Corolla docs. I'm not a car racing
fan but after seeing Ford v Ferrari I wanted to see the doc it was based
on; "The 24 Hour War". I gotta say the his latest "Uppity" is fantastic.
It's on Netflix. A story I knew nothing about and had zero interest in.
Now THAT is what a documentary should do - hold your interest in
a subject you have no interest in.
Someone uploaded a bunch of unreleased music from melanie marteniz. sweet, two of the songs are pretty good.
I like this one. obviously though her officially released music is higher quality

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From a Werner Herzog documentary ... holy fucking shit

If you want to be brought to tears this is the most tragic story ive ever heard.
video starts at the womans story, takes about 10 minutes for her to tell it all..

the documentary is about people that are blind and deaf.

a world war could break out right now and I wouldn't notice

when our hands separate its as if we are a thousand miles apart

and it starts when she was just 11 years old. she looks 80 in the movie.
the story is about how she lost her sight and hearing - and even more painful stuff accompanying it.
like being an invalid for 30 years. a blind deaf invalid for 30 years with no friends. it hits way too close to home, as i am practically an invalid with no friends have chronic pain. to be blind and deaf on top of all the tragedy i have experienced. my god its so sad.

edit: i finished it. still think her story is the saddest. bc she lost more.
there are other people later in the second half that were born blind deaf and some that were never taught any alphabet...

just completely neglected and withdrawn into themselves.
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