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What am I doing?


So I'm helping out a filmmaker by doing some "editing" work for him and he wants to give me credit, but we don't know what for.

I'm not exactly editing because the film was shot on super8 and he edited it the old fashioned way and then had it transferred to digital files. Now that it's digitalized I'm using Final Cut to pull down frames that jump. See, wherever he spliced the film together the frame jumps up nearly halfway out of the frame, so I made letterboxes and am going through to every cut, keyframing and pulling the image down. It's extremely tedious.

So I'm not editing, I'm not color correcting. What exactly am I doing? Something I hope.

Thanks in advance.
Digital Diaper-Changing.

I dunno. Sounds to me like what you're doing falls within the realm of editing. Just cuz you didn't edit the master 1st cut, that doesn't mean you aren't editing.
All of these can be used. If the credit is important to you, then try to make it sound good. If you don't like "Additional Editing," you can choose "Frame Removal Technician," "Editor" or "Conformer," etc. Don't make the credit sound too B.S., but they aren't written in stone and you can make it sound to your liking.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions. We still haven't decided, but there will probably be a 'digital' and a 'post-' in there somewhere.

My credit is not the most important thing on our minds, but sometimes when our eyes get tired we take a break and chew on this.
If you have an IMDB account, start an "additional credit" process. (Obviously, do not complete the process)

You'll get a drop-down list of fields, and then positions. It doesn't list them all, but you'll get a great list to look through - and those will be the commonly used in the field. I'd wager you'll find something very similar to what you are doing (though you might need to look up some of the more obscure titles).

Even Track Reader is in there. :cool:

The art of syncing animated mouth movements to audio dialogue, so that the lips are the correct shape at the right time. Yup, used that one.
In the email updates I get for this thread, there was no spoiler effect over Zensteve's explanation so I didn't really get to experience the full effect of the punchline. Still, it was informative.