Uranium City

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  • Glad u liked the barbershop pics. Do let me know when the film is done. Would like to see it.
    And if u find u need more pics during the editing process, email me.
    hey, just wanted to introduce myself.

    i'm fairly new to the forum and only beginning my path to becoming a filmmaker.
    Wow, that's not much of choice! :mope:

    I'mma gonna rage against the machine, and work on makin' a film! Woo! :yes:
    Is there any chance you mind forgiving my infraction that I received? I am brand new here and it didnt even occur to me that I was in the wrong topic. I just click on something and started a thread...oops. Just wanted to write and see if this was an option, my apologies once again.
    Merry Christmas, Joe!
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