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  • Hi Papertwinproductions! I've said it in my post before-this really is a great community here at indietalk! I would love to have my campaign included in the Help/Share thread you posted. The movie is a dark, political, comedy, musical called "Operation Belvis Bash"
    In a time of political and religious conflict, a rock and roll musician is recruited by the United States Army to win the hearts and minds of the Afghani people.
    Starring Corey Feldman, Mark Metcalf, The Iron Sheik, Larry Thomas, with Daniel Baldwin and Frank Stallone, and introducing Walid Amini, Noelle Locke, and Alexander Loy.

    Thanks so much!
    Quinn Gonzales
    hey Antony!, you see a couple of days ago i made my first action short film "INFECTION" , and since your critics have been really useful to me in my previous videos, i am really interested to know your opinion about this one, i would really appreciate it if you watch it and tell me what you think about it, thank you for your time and everything else! :)
    Here is the thread where i posted the video
    Turkey..Getting..Hot! Must...Step...Away!

    I just went on an Indietalk binge. I should watch some Netflix, and maybe not come back to Indietalk for a week, maybe. WTF, I'm a retard.

    Thanks again, for the festival suggestion. It would be really great for me, if you (and your PTP friends) had a chance to see it properly, on the big-screen.

    Hey Haridas,

    We where shooting with a Canon XHA1 at the time, we highered the grain, so i can see where you've come to the conclusion of "water marking".

    We're all fully dedicated to film, we have a great crew, access to a stellar art-department, a lot of willing collaborators. We've spent the past year doing everything by the book, gearing ourselves for the more prosperous budgets and funders.

    If you have Skype, drop me it, and we'll talk more.

    You're hoping to be a DoP?
    hello mate, hope you are well. i checked out the films on your website, some nice shorts i must say. The lighting was spot on, although I cant help myself but ask you about the grey grading in post, is that how it is meant to look or is that watermarking (sorry if that sounds critical i was just curious!)

    anyway, i wanted to ask more about the the films you work on and the films you want to work on, is it kind of a part time hobby? or do you work in the industry?

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