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So what are your favorite guilty pleasure movies? The ones you would never admit to anyone, but you WILL NOW lol.


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Some tings are so bad the become fumy.... some tings are so bad the become SURREAL!!!
It is physically impossible to watch a Uwe Boll movie. I've tried many times. It's like if you poured a bunch of rocks into a cereal bowl and tried to eat it. Did you see Postal? Did you see Far Cry? Unfathomable. They should never make another Uwe Boll movie until every person in the world has running water at a minimum. Watching rich people burn money because they have an 80 IQ that matches the financiers is just nauseating.

But Frank is right people, you should watch dungeon siege. I'll tell you why. Because the entire budget of this film was spent on cameos by has been movie stars. It's like, there's scenes where there is no plot, and they are just walking through a village, and every shopkeeper is like David Hasselhoff or Burt Rynolds. You'll spend the entire movie just saying, I think I recognize that guy, was he famous once?

It's like Zoolander 2, except it has Jason Statham in it. Still, Statham does pick his projects very carefully, so maybe I underestimate this films prowess.

I like the top comment "were proud of you Jason"

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Fried Green Tomatoes.

Also, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I don’t know why this one works for me as well as it does. Obviously, Costner’s American accent is a bit out of place, but I actually enjoy the film quite a bit.
Samurai Cop is of course an all time classic. Dialogue writers of today could take a lesson from it's nuanced delivery of prosaic conversational interplay. It's a crime against humanity that they didn't win an Oscar.

It always reminds me of another underrated masterpiece, "garbage day", a somewhat self contained interlude in the tightly woven plot of "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2"

This film was important for me personally. I used to run out my front door screaming "what the hell is all that noise out there" every time someone walked quietly down the street in front of my house, but after seeing this, I reconsidered my approach, and just left random pedestrians alone.

I have not seen "Bitch Slap", but I fear for the sanity of the foley team. You typically don't have to put literally hundreds of sounds in a two minute clip, they must have been up for days.
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"that a person feels shame or guilt for enjoying, often because they feel they will be judged by others:"

Taking it literally I'm pleased to say I have none.

Oh, I take great pleasure in movies that are I know are bad but I have no guilt at all or shame.

"Showgirls" is a true favorite of mine - but no guilt or shame taking pleasure in that terrible movie.