"dark crimes" screening


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After a three year battle that included:
losing my DP 30 hours before the first day
a 1974 Cadillac El Dorado catching fire in the California desert
the ExecProducer getting arrested by the Feds 3 weeks into a 4 week shoot for Securities fraud

my movie "dark crimes" is finally finished and The American Film Institute is hosting a screening May 31st.

On of these days I'm going to finish my journal about the making of this movie - it was a true adventure.


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Congrats! I remember seeing the site for this film when you joined, good to see it's finished.
I didn't know you where done. Acutally your screening was tonight then....31st. Sweet. Looks like you did beat me after all. We will be done in a month but its been 4 years.

That's awesome! :cool:

It would be great to hear about all the mishaps along the journey. Maybe make a doc out of it, in the vein of "Hearts of Darkness". :)

Might want to check the Trailer links on your website, btw. The 404-bandito has struck again. :secret:

Will this be making the festival rounds anytime soon?


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Good to see you on the boards serano9. This is a great group and you will be a helpful member.

The screening was great. Even the DP, Yaron Levy, liked how it looked on the big screen.

It got way more laughs than I expected - people were really into it. But the best part was when a Warner Home Video exec took my producer and I aside and told us he thinks we have the next "Blood Simple".

My 26 year old producer said, "What's Blood Simple?" and after I elbowed him in the ribs we made a dinner meeting to discuss the pacing and sound issues with Warner people.