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  • How's the mushroom movie coming along?

    Merry Christmas, you whacky Canadian!
    Since ya'll are asking...

    2008 - Spent most of it filming a sketch series which is still in post (as in, I've edited 8-9 episodes and there are a couple more in the pipeline with another editor) and awaiting our web developer to... develop a website! Also filmed some sketches with a comedy duo, one of which "4th Cousin Makeover Plus Become Rockstars" is still in post as well as "Snakeperson VS Vampire" which I'm hoping to release this summer if I can get our sound guy to get me his finished mixdowns!

    2009 - So far, not been a great year (personally) and though we've been slogging away at some more sketches and filming weddings and such, I've been spending most of my time writing a horror/comedy screenplay which should be done by the end of June... looking to design a $1000 budget based on Clive's old philosophy and shoot it this summer/fall if feasible! It'll be my feature-directorial debut, so hopefully all goes well! All I'll say at this point is it's about "Mushroom Zombies"...
    I was going to leave a comment, but saw that you commented about yourself, and thought that that was a bit self indulgent of you -- so I was all like "waht a n3rd!!!" and decided not to comment.

    But then I accidentally hit "Post Message".
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