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  • I want to share a story now but I'm thinking (possibly overthinking) protecting the rights to the script. The fear of someone taking the script from themselves. Is that a real concern on the forum? Does my post here and my original document with the metadata protect my rights to the screenplay? Love to get more thoughts on this before I proceed. What's the right procedure when sharing scripts?
    You're over-thinking protecting the rights. As I've said many times, most of us simply aren't writing things that other people are going to want to steal. BUT I recommend sharing the first 5-10 pages if you're looking for feedback. That's about all most of us have time to read.
    Aspiring Mogul
    I'm not in the industry, but I've noticed that everyone starting out is always thinking that others will steal their ideas. Well, everyone has great ideas, and they think that their ideas are better than others, so they won't want to steal the ideas of those others. Furthermore, the great idea is useless unless the people have the ability to put that idea into action.

    So I wouldn't worry too much about that.
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