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Looking forward to the new promo! When will it be out?
Nate North
Nate North
Hopefully pretty soon, we're working on several things simultaneously, like always. We've been prepping spreadsheets and other business documents to try and launch a blockchain ICO, so that's stolen focus from the ad for a moment.
Both of my features - DETOURS and Surviving Family - are now available to stream free worldwide (except People's Republic of China, apparently) on Plex. And that makes me happy :)
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Here are the cameras I love and prefer to film with. Motion Picture cameras are the way to film with in Cinema at DreamFactory Studios.


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Here's a view of town. The bridge connects New Jersey to Pennsylvania which is what you're seeing. Just to give you an idea of the kinds of locations in my neighborhood.


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If you are a filmmaker and a resident of New Jersey? Get in touch, we'll talk film and business. That goes for Pennsylvania and New York filmmakers too.
Just checking in so I do not loose my place in the world of IndieTalk... been a member for a very long time. Got a notice that I needed to 'speak up' or loose my place in time... Hope all are doing well. Currently residing in paradise. Feel like 40 at 70! Rock on! SCARE.jpg


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Good to see you old timer!
Thanks. I haven't been shooting as much commercial stuff since the bottom fell out of the TV commercial business in 2008 and my marketing person has mostly retired.
You just prompted me to check my revenue report for last year. Revenue on video work was $3988 with expenses of $1319. Good thing I don't rely on that for groceries!
Now I'm depressed and I can't even afford therapy. :bang:;)
Edinburgh Short Film Festival Open for entry

Best Film & Best Animation Awards and Trophies
International Showcases and Film Festival Partnerships

All genres will be considered. Maximum duration 25 mins.

Early Bird Deadline closes Monday 22 February 2021

Chris Stuckman coming out as a ex Jehovah witness is one of the most brave tings I have seen.
Why? I know lots of ex-Catholics, and a good friend is an ex-Mormon. What's the issue?
Feutus Lapdance
Feutus Lapdance

He will lose all of its old friends and most of its family. I have a friend that goes to a similar experience. Now I understand her better.
The new Roy Anderson About not a movie... No structure, no story, no characters, and no overall theme. So strange to watch a film maker go deeper and deeper with his movies to abstraction.
Did you like it? Recommend it?
Feutus Lapdance
Feutus Lapdance
I love Roy Anderson work and he is one of the people that inspired me to go into film . About Endlessness is his first movie that made me feel bored. Some scenes would have been better if he made individual long takes for a museum. Just like a moving painting or installation piece.